7 Companies that Will Relocate You NOW

At about 6.28 am on January 25th 2017 the number 40 bus from Walworth terminated early. I miserably piled out into the dark and cold, umbrella flapping impotently against the sideways rain, and joined the hundreds of City bound office-bods trudging mechanically across London Bridge to start another 15 hour day in a poorly ventilated, over-lit corporate bear pit.

In that moment, I had a life changing epiphany. “Sod. This.”.

Now I have a year round tan, my dog comes to work, I do yoga on the beach at sunrise and sip drinks by the pool at sunset, and I spend my weekends diving and playing golf (that’s a lie, I don’t play golf, but you get my point).

And the best bit? I still have an exciting and rewarding career in Recruitment, I still have great Healthcare and excellent commission, I still get to spend a large proportion of my day on LinkedIn (joy!).

If your heart is telling you to explore an International move, listen to it. You won’t derail your career.

‘What about a Visa?’ I hear you say. Hunted has got you covered- we can advise you on every step of the application and relocation process, and we will make sure you’re up to speed on all the latest Visa legislation.

Curious? Here are some of the brands we are working with in Sydney who want to hear from Consultants in the UK on relocation opportunities. You can take a look at the offices, see how their commission scheme compares, double check the dog policy and then apply directly (and anonymously) to your top picks.

HR Partners Collage Talent Team

Senior Recruitment Consultant at HR Partners

Who they are:

Established in 1997, HR recruitment specialist HR Partners is a very well-known brand in Australia. Part of Randstad, HR Partners blends the best of both worlds. It’s still founder-run and maintains the feel of a boutique specialist but benefits from the infrastructure and support of one of the world’s largest recruitment businesses.

Who they’re hiring:

Experienced, ambitious 360 HR Recruiters who will make the most of their comprehensive training and development program and who operate well in a consultative, high touch environment. Your focus will be on quality of process, rather than on volume of transactions.

AXR Collage Talent Team

Finance & Accounting Consultant at [axr] Search & Recruitment

Who they are:

True sector specialists, the [axr] team are experts on Finance & Accounting and Business Transformation professionals. The focus at [axr] is on knowledge and innovation, allowing them to offer a world class service to their clients in a competitive market. The culture of the business is a careful balance of performance and lifestyle, so you’ll never feel that you have to sacrifice the gym for an extra hour of business development. Company Directors lead by example and have an impressive industry reputation.

Who they’re hiring:

You’ll have some experience of Accounting & Finance (or related) recruitment. You’ll be ready to join a business that will provide you with the tools to fast track your career. Consultants at [axr] are busy! They’re handling multiple assignments and delivering quality solutions, but they’re also well supported by a fantastic Research team.

People 2 People Collage Talent Team

Recruitment Consultant, Supply Chain & Operations at people2people

Who they are:

With over 40% of consultants in the business for five years or more and three of the team billing over $1m last year, people2people is the business that knows how to develop and retain quality recruitment professionals. They know that the day to day happiness of the team is dependant on a supportive, inclusive and rewarding company culture, and they’ve acheived just that.

Who they’re hiring:

If you’re a team player rather than a lone wolf, you’ll fit in well. Already a highly successful business, people2people continues to thrive by hiring consultants who want to be part of the fabric of the culture. If you want to contribute to an exciting growing business and have a lot of fun along the way, people2people is the one. With over 10 sector specialisms and five local offices there’s plenty of opportunity to find your niche.

Bloc Tech Collage Talent Team

Recruitment Consultant, Technology at Bloc Technology

Who they are:

A super forward thinking progressive Tech specialist, with a people centric approach, for candidates, clients and consultants alike. The business is non-hierarchical and highly collaborative, meaning they’re careful about who they hire. Consultants here are self motivated and diligent, but that doesn’t make them unapproachable or political.

Who they’re hiring:

If you get all excited about technology and enterprise software, this is probably the place for you. A genuine passion for skills matching talent with the right business is also a must- there’s no cutting corners with Bloc, attention to detail is key. But you’ll be well looked after too- the quality of life for Bloc Consultants is excellent, and they’re a genuinely decent bunch of humans too.

GQR Collage Talent Team

Senior Consultant, Energy and Engineering at GQR Global Markets

Who they are:

As well as ranking in Inc. 500 in 2016 with 949% 3-year growth and the youngest founding team, CEO & Chairman in the Human Capital group, 39% of the GQR team have been relocated for the role, and earn up to 50% commission. The business is run on true meritocracy and there’s every opportunity to progress through the ranks very quickly on high performing desks in Banking & Finance, IT & Tech, Life Sciences and Energy & Engineering.

Who they’re hiring:

Experienced and enterprising STEM specialist consultants who are search of new challenges and grow their international footprint. For less experienced hires, intellectual curiosity, an entrepreneurial nature and demonstrable interest in business, finance, energy or technology are a must. If you’re highly motivated by financial incentives you’ll not find yourself feeling discontent at GQR.

Gough Collage Talent Team

Recruitment Consultant, Construction at Gough Recruitment

Who they are:

Real Estate, Property, Construction & Development experts with offices in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. Gough is a well established brand with a grown up culture of accountability and itegrity, but still has a boutique family feel to the culture. The leadership provides a wealth of accessible knowledge and high achievers are recognized and rewarded well.

Who they’re hiring:

They’re experiencing strong growth and looking for impactful sales professionals from recruitment, real estate and construction who want to become industry experts. If you’re looking for a long term move, a vibrant energetic workplace and a great all round culture, Gough will tick your boxes.

iPharm Collage Talent Team

Senior Consultant, Medical Affairs at i-Pharm Consulting

Who they are:

A leading global Life Sciences recruitment agency, iPharm invest heavily in their people with an in-house L&D team and first rate training that can see you leap from Trainee to Director in five years. With stunning new offices, an inclusive culture and some very generous work perks, it’s no surprise that they’re a happy, highly successful business.

Who they’re hiring:

Credibility is key for a career with iPharm. You’ll have UK or Australian recruitment experience in a professional sector (not necessarily Healthcare or Pharma) and you’ll have the right attitude to hit the ground running. You’ll value face to face relationship building over firing off emails, you’ll take great pride in your work and you’ll be hungry to realise your potential as a Consultant.


Want to discuss any of these roles in more detail or see what else might be out there? Get in touch.