6 Recruitment Companies Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

True workplace diversity is necessary for a company’s growth and success.

It’s easy to claim but harder to prove.

Businesses have to show their commitment to the cause and put conscious effort to make employees feel included.

And the hard work pays off, resulting in a positive impact for everyone involved.   

Diverse, inclusive organisations lead to more productive, happier teams.

You solve problems faster, you’re more innovative, your talent pool grows, and you’ll find you have a better understanding of the world around you.

This is especially important for recruiters who want to hire and retain the best talent.

So here are six recruitment companies who practice what they preach, promoting diversity within their teams and clients alike.

diverse certified B corporation

ADLIB Recruitment

As a Certified B Corporation, ADLIB meets the verified standards of social and environmental performance.

They balance purpose and profit, conscious about how their business impacts their employees and community.

They work closely with industry partners such as Women’s Tech Hub, TechSPARK, Care Leaver Covenant, and Babbasa.

ADLIB identifies how clients can improve their diversity and inclusion policies. And design them based on companies’ objectives and challenges.

You’ll show clients and candidates that equality’s possible and make those dreams come true.

Join a socially responsible organisation and help others along the way.

improve gender diversity

Vertus Partners

As a female-owned company, Vertus Partners are advocates for women in business and improve gender diversity in the UK’s Financial Services & Tech sectors.

They attend industry events, provide thought leadership to their clients, and promote equality for Women, BAME, LGBT+ and Disability groups.

Along with this, they seek to improve the opportunities available for disabled individuals in the job market.

Vertus Partners will encourage you to unlock your potential and implement training & policies to make this happen.

Click here to feel included and make a difference.

diversity in Tech

Signify Technology

They’re on a mission to diversify the Tech sector. 

They’re committed to female inclusion in the workplace.

Signify Technology have sponsored the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference, secured senior roles for women, and given away tickets for key conferences.

They help drive women in Tech and do the same for their own team, as 50% of their employees are female.

All staff are held accountable for creating a discrimination-free and respectful environment.

Passionate about closing the gender gap? Check out Signify Technology to learn more.

gender and ethnic diversity


A company that lives and breathes the qualities of an ethical brand.

Sidekicks introduced gender & ethnicity blind CVs.

They fund a mental health non-profit, Work to Recover, to actively help people get back into fulfilling and productive work.

They maintain an open-minded and inclusive culture.

You’ll be able to contribute to their positive reputation and establish meaningful connections with colleagues, candidates, and clients. And garner higher respect for your personal brand.

Whoever you are, whatever your background, change the world, propel your career.

diverse candidate pool

Handle Recruitment

Consultative, creative and responsive.

Handle understand the importance of diversity, and represent a more diverse candidate pool for their clients.

They work with non-profits to help younger generations, who feel restricted by their background.

With their Creative Breakthrough Mentoring Programme, they nurture the next generation of female leaders and improve diversity within creative industries.

You’ll receive full training in all aspects of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, and Unconscious Bias to succeed stand out.

Get a Handle on empowerment.

remove biasHidden

Hidden are changing recruitment.

They’ve built a platform that removes bias within hiring processes for the Tech and Creative industries.

The platform allows companies to recruit anonymously, removing identifying details from CVs and avoiding any conscious or unconscious bias.

They’ve created a forward-thinking environment and encourage others to do the same.

Hidden follows principles and builds prosperity. If you’re ready to do recruitment differently, click here.

Are you a recruiter with a conscience? Do you want to break boundaries?

Diversity on its own won’t do the job.

But if you’ve got a genuine open-mind and care about people, check out this article on How To Avoid Gender Stereotyping in Recruitment for change you can make today.