6 Recruitment Agencies That Offer You Equity

“Equity” is a fractionally more formal way of saying ‘share scheme’. It’s your slice of the profits. A way for your employer to give you a large, financial pat on the back somewhere down the line.

Equity is also good as an incentive: if you’re rewarded for the company doing well, that’s some serious motivation to crack on and hit target.

You’re more likely to feel like a team player if you’re personally benefitting from your colleagues doing deals. As a result, you’re more likely to stay where you are if both you and your employer are invested in one another.

In this case, literally.

As a Recruiter, if you can be relied upon for a healthy stream of regular placements and hitting your targets isn’t an issue, you’re in high demand.

But even though you’re good, you’ll never take home all the money you bill. Unless you start an agency of your own.

Today, companies are more likely to offer equity schemes in their benefits packages as an extremely happy medium between earning as much as you physically can and going completely indie.

Joining a company that offers equity means you’re investing in the business as much as its investing in you.

The more placements you make, the more successful the business.

The more the company’s worth, the bigger your stake.

Really own your business. With these 6 brands on Hunted.


The Barton Partnership

The Barton Partnership are a human capital firm which rewards employees who embody their values the most: being human, being aware, and being connected.

They don’t rely on KPIs, they rely on inspiring and forward-thinking consultants coming up with smart ideas to optimise their jobs.

They’re subject matter experts in Strategy, Transformation and M&A with brand new offices in Holborn, as well as New York, Singapore and Europe.

Unlimited holiday, 1 month sabbatical after 5 years service, company ski trips and summer holidays are just some of the extra benefits The Barton Partnership offer their Consultants.

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Arrows Group

Arrows boast a punchy client list including Right Move, Adobe and Babylon. They’re known for an innovative approach to recruitment and a mature environment.

A thoughtful Tech agency that invests in Learning and Development at all levels – not just trainees – Arrows know meaningless KPIs are a distraction. So instead they reverse engineer your targets, to suit your specific situation and market.

Late riser or early bird? No problem. Glide time means choosing if you start earlier or finish later.

With offices in Amsterdam and London, this is a cracking tech specialist to join if you’re looking for a fun, vibrant and friendly working environment to invest your future in.

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Twenty Recruitment

With plans to take over the recruitment world from four offices across Europe and the US already, Twenty Recruitment Group are offering you the opportunity to join them in either London , Berlin, Austin or New York.

“Employees will be enrolled onto the company’s EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive) share scheme after a year of service, this provides an opportunity to reward employees who have helped grow the business and share the success of the company.”

As well as owning a stake in a growing business, you’re able to earn up to 40% commission, and take plenty of international travel either for incentives, client meetings or a full time relocation.

Collaboration’s an overused word in recruitment. But Twenty even offer bonuses when you open up your client to any of your colleagues, as well as regular karaoke sessions.

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venquis tt image


Business Change and Digital Transformation specialists Venquis have developed £500k billers, partly by investing in developing their employees.

Here you’ll benefit from more holidays and perks than any recruiter could ever consciously use:

“We believe that all our employees should be able to share in our success and be suitably rewarded for the hard work they have put in so we created an opportunity for every employee to become a co-owner. 100% of the equity is owned by our employees. Each employee in the business receives shares and the more an individual puts in in terms of effort, the more they’re eligible to receive, allowing them a slice of an award-winning, fast growing and successful recruitment business.”

Not only that but you’d be placing candidates that are transforming our world: the talent behind the digital revolution.

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Cognitive Group

Based in London, Cognitive Group are specialists in Microsoft Tech and Transformation. They’re founding members of Women in Recruitment. And their pledge to seat two women on the board within two years was achieved in one.

Consultants at Cognitive say the relationship they have with Microsoft affords them plenty of buy-in with their market. And the supportive atmosphere means Recruiters have been able to bill more, advance in their careers and enjoy it at the same time.

Their commitment to training is awesome, with up to 20 hours a week provided.

Equity starts at Principal level. Good news they’re hiring one then.

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LHi Group is an international recruitment company specialising in some of the world’s most innovative and transformative sectors.

With 8 offices across the UK, USA and Europe, LHi consist of four non-competing specialist brands: Lawrence Harvey (Technology). SciPro (Life Sciences). Harper Harrison (The Built Environment). And Piper Maddox (Renewable Energy).

They’ll happily move you to one of their fantastic city locations. All of which sit within unique, modern work spaces, think: dogs, music, the newest technology and rooftop yoga.

They’re a generous group: they once paid a Consultant $83,000 in one commission cheque. You get either a month long sabbatical or a Rolex as a reward for length of service. And their equity scheme is really quite astonishing.

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If you’re serious about joining a business offering equity, there’s a number of things to consider. This guide will give you everything you need to know: How Much Is Equity Worth In Recruitment?

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