6 of The BEST Commission Structures in Recruitment

There’s much more to a recruitment agency than their commission structure. But there’s no getting away from the fact you should be well paid for your efforts too.

Recruitment’s meritocratic. In fact it’s one of the most meritocratic industries going. The more you put in the more you get out.

If you joined your agency as a Grad and progressed up the ranks only knowing the existence of one commission scheme, you might think you’re sitting pretty. But just imagine, finding out if you’d worked for another firm, you’d have doubled your commission, with the exact same billings.

Not only that but you’d have travelled to some of the finest locations in the world and had benefits unheard of at your current firm.

Our first advice is this, don’t fret. It’s happened.

There’s no way of you changing the past. But you can change the future.

So, here are some of the best commission schemes and benefit packages offered by companies on Hunted.


Ultimate Asset

For over the last 10 years this business leads the digital media and marketing space from the front. They launched a Sydney office last year after a bumper year for London and Singapore and there’s more office openings on the horizon. Not only are their desks HOT working with cutting edge clients such as Twitter, Google, Adidas and Red bull their commission structure is almost too good to be true.

The break down

Bill    Earn 

£10k £2k

£15k £3k

£20k £4k

£30k £6k

£50k £10k

And so on… 

In fact, top billers typically earn a minimum of £12k a month in commission and If you personally place your candidate in a role with a client you have generated, your commission rises to 25%.

If this wasn’t enough then it is worth highlighting that UA also offer an added bonus of £500/month expenses for client/candidate entertaining.

In addition to the cash, you can be confident that UA offers the social life you need to keep the work life balance. They’ve recently been Go-karting, to Paris, Music festivals, Client summits in Bali, Skiing, Comedy nights, Bowling and drinks, Dinners out, Games nights, Cocktail making and many pub crawls.



A Global Talent leader known for their unparalleled market knowledge within core STEM markets. This is the business to join if you currently suffer from lack of recognition for your BD or sourcing efforts as they collaborate on over 60% of their deals. Their commission structure is exceptional especially given that their average deal size in the Quant Tech & Data division is $75k.

The break down

Starting at a 30% Total Comp Rate at entry level, moving up per promotion by 3.3.% each time up to 50% at the top end. To be clear; this means you will be taking home 50% of the revenue you generate.

With a lot of businesses capping their top tier at 30% it would be absurd not to consider GQR as an option if you’re a STEM recruiter looking to earn more cash. 

The average revenue per head is $400k versus industry standard of $220k. GQR has countless case studies of experienced recruiters joining the firm who have doubled or even trebled their earnings in their first 12 months.  Never sold a retainer? No problem, they’ll teach you.

It doesn’t stop there though, even their Internal Recruitment Team have the ability to earn more than majority of consultants at other 360 firms. A minimum of $80,000 on-target earnings for year one; $120,000 OTE for year two. No wonder these guys have been listed in the Inc 500 2 years in a row now.


The GULF Recruitment Group 

The Gulf Recruitment Group based in Dubai work with some of the biggest clients in the world on PSL and have a cross selling culture. They’re an outstanding option for Middle East Recruiters. Or for that matter, anyone who’s sick of the drizzle and wants both low tax and high temperatures.

As GRG quote “We have the best commission structure you’ll find, or we’ll eat our hat!” 

There’s no denying that this business is leading from front when it comes to compensating their consultants with a banding that goes up to 60%. 

The break down 

Quarterly Billings:

AED 0 – 150,000 = 0%

AED 150,001 – 200,000 = 25%

AED 200,001 and over = 60%

It’s really that simple, no catch. Not only is this great commission scheme on offer but GRG really go the extra mile to ensure consultants have the best ability to do the role. 

They’ve developed their own back-end software to make doing the administration side of recruitment as easy as possible. With automated candidate responses at the click of a button and the ability to send new candidates to be registered by the Support Team with minimal effort leaving time for the important stuff.


Ernest Hunter Green

Specialists in Sales, Marketing and Finance and Accounting as well as being the most flexible working environment we have heard of here at Hunted.

You can work wherever and however you want and they give you the tools to do your job and it’s up to you how you go about doing it. Everyone’s given an iPhone, an Ultrabook and a few other gadgets and gizmos too. All of their software’s cloud based so you can access the CRM and all your files no matter where you are.

With all of this flexible working you’d imagine there’s some kind of catch with their earnings, but there isn’t. 

The break down

20% of your base salary is your monthly threshold. Once you’ve billed that then you go on to the scheme below:

-Up to £20,000 –  25%

-Over £20,000 – 30%

-Once over £200k for the year then you get 40% of everything you bill minus your threshold. 

-Once you go over £300k for the year then you get 50% of everything you bill, no thresholds.

There are no rolling thresholds either, so if you have a bad month then you start again the next month.

This great bunch work from home, various business lounges and hotels, respectable cafes or bars. Wherever they need to be to meet people. They also utilise the Institute of Directors and the Perk Box ‘Happiness Hub’ for days together and when they’re not together they use Skype for business to communicate and collaborate. 

EHG have seen levels of happiness, sleep, family time and social life increase as well as their overall productivity which has given them lots of happy clients and candidates. Oh, and they’re the first business to be awarded the Hope You’re Well Badge for Mental Wellbeing by Hunted.



Cititec are financial app specialists. Customer-driven technology recruitment firm headquartered in the heart of London. Each consultant on their team is specialised within a dedicated area of technology, covering niche verticals within Development &  Architecture, Infrastructure & Support, Enterprise Technology, Testing & QA, Management & Analysis, and Murex/Trading Applications.

They have a brand new office in Shoreditch and an exceptional commission scheme.

The break down 

Entry scheme:

£0 – £10k: 10%

£10k – £15k: 15%

£15k – £30k: 20%

£30k+: 25%

However this is where it gets REALLY interesting…

Do a deal at 15% margin or above (or any margin-only deal) & automatically shift those deal values into the following (much higher) commission scheme:

£0 – £10k: 20%

£10k – £15k: 25%

£15k – £30k: 30%

£30k+: 35%

If you’re used to operating at great margins, you’ll be earning some truly amazing commission at Cititec. These guys also love a good holiday!

Joining this business you’ll be able to reach for holiday incentives to places like Las Vegas, Barcelona and Marbella, lunch clubs at Sushi Samba and STK, and individual cash prizes up for grabs, who wouldn’t want to be part of this team.


OHO Group 

This group are known as true recruitment experts in their chosen fields; Software Development, Digital & Creative, Embedded, Electronics & Semiconductor, Support & Infrastructure, Data Science & Quantitative Research, and Management & Business Change.

They have a niche focus and are able to deliver a high quality service. Being a business that are known for working exceptionally hard they certainly are well rewarded, offering a competitive commission scheme which rewards peak performance. 

The break down

-£0-14,999 @ 10%

-Once you hit £15,000 in a month you then earn 20% on anything over £10,000

-£15,000+ per month @ 20%

However it can get really great, really quickly…

-Get to over £60,000 in a quarter and you will earn 30% on everything else you bill above that. 

-Plus, bill big and anything over £400,000 is paid @ 40%

On top of this OHO Group run some pretty awesome incentives to keep the teams motivated to go that extra mile in their work. 

They offer; all expenses paid holidays, featuring luxury hotels, eating at the best restaurants and partying in the best clubs, as well as extra £500 cash bonus prizes.

OHO group make sure their consultants get well rewarded for the work they put in.

If you’re not rewarded this well for doing the same job, get in touch for a chat with a dedicated Hunted consultant. Or start a profile and apply completely anonymously from your phone if you’re not the chatty type.

As if that wasn’t enough… as soon as you land a new job through Hunted, the rewards start. You receive a box of goodies including the hottest tech products like GoPros, Amazon Echos, Sonos Speakers and many more, straight to your door.

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