6 Key Characteristics of Top Billers in Recruitment

The phrase ‘Top Biller’ conjures up many a stereotype. It’s almost synonymous with a certain character rather than any accomplishment per se. However, almost all of the time, like many stereotypes, it’s utter nonsense.

A little like any criticism of our industry.

Whoever you are as a person, it’s highly likely that’s the type of Recruiter you’ll be. And, it’s important to remember that you control your own path. There are certain characteristics that make you, you. And those are probably doing you well. Otherwise you wouldn’t be in recruitment.

There are, however, some characteristics that all ‘Top Billers’ share. And, it’s worth taking note of the good ones.

Here’s a selection.

1) They’re always looking for a client

The best recruiters are always looking to be proactive and grow their client base. Growing a network is enjoyable. It gets you out of the office and talking about things other than recruitment. Recruitment should in fact be secondary in nature when you’re meeting people within your specialism.

Go to relevant trade events (or create your own!) and connect with people who you think can be potential clients and candidates. Things can change quickly for everyone, and a contact who’s known you for a while, knows you’re credible and reliable will be delighted to use you. 

2) They’re always building relationships

The phrase ‘people buy from people’ is probably the sort of cheesy line you’ve heard from every recruiter who’s picked up a Top Biller award, but it’s absolutely true.

Both clients and candidates have to be able to believe in and trust you – relationships are every bit as important as transactions in this industry. If not more so. A transaction will put money in your pocket once. A relationship will prove to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Relationships turn good recruiters into Top Billers. 

3) They have a thirst for knowledge

Speak to any hiring manager and they’ll all tell you the same thing: “There’s nothing better than speaking to someone who’s a specialist in their area.”

These are the recruiters who manage to build the best relationships and get repeat business. Whether you’re just starting out in a sector, or whether you have a few years’ experience – there’s always something for you to learn. At the risk of giving you another cliché, knowledge really IS power! How do you get this knowledge? Have a thirst for it. And quench that thirst regularly.

Become a sciolist.

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4) They always have a new target

Good recruiters hit their target and bask in the glory. But ‘Top Billers’ are already thinking of their next challenge, and their next figure they want to achieve.

This drive is found in the most successful people in every industry. The fast pace of recruitment means there will always be a new kid on the block, so the last thing any big biller wants to do is get into a comfort zone.

Typically however, the desire to achieve more isn’t driven by anyone else. It’s internal. Your own hunger will be the loudest voice in the crowd, cheering you on from the sidelines.  

5) They listen more than they talk

Forget the lazy, incorrect stereotype of recruiters. Brash, talkative individuals who do things their own way.

‘Top Billers’ recognise that the only way you’ll get top results, is by listening carefully to what clients and candidates need. This goes for working culture too. Thinking about whether a person will fit into the culture of a particular company, will mean they last beyond their probation period. Another element which will assist in your rise up the sales board.

6) They utilise technology

Recruitment has come a long way from the days when the Yellow Pages was the only source of leads and candidate records were kept in big, bulky folders. It’s important that you understand and are able to use the technological tools available to you. We put out an entire series dedicated to software and tech hacks. There’s that much out there.

The more well versed you are, the more value you can add to clients, and therefore to your own personal brand.