6 Great Companies for Fledgling Recruiters

So you did it, you got into recruitment. You’re still faaaaairly new at this. You’ve been to a few training sessions held by a Senior Recruiter. Shadowed a couple of client meetings and been let loose on the phones. Four months have passed since the last training session.


Normally for one or more of these reasons:

1. BD Sucks

2. You’re fed up of being in the office until 10 o’ clock at night

3. You’ve never received a penny above your basic salary

4. People keep peeling off and popping up in competitors or clients’ offices

5. Last time you told someone your job on Tinder they closed the conversation

But let me tell you a secret… “it’s not you it’s them.”

Them = Your current company.

Here are 7 companies who have promoted fledgling consultants through the ranks to leadership positions time and time again.




Consultants are their most valuable asset and they invest heavily in supporting them. You will receive career coaching from their Sales Development Manager, in depth sales training, mentoring from your Team Leader and external training. Whatever you choose, they’ll maximise your revenue and make sure you’ve got all tools you need to push your career towards a team or sales leadership position.

Spencer Ogden

Spencer Ogden

Organic growth is at the core of Spencer Ogden’s business. Starting as part of a team of newbies in one of their training academies means not only do you have a squad from day dot you are also put straight onto a path to success. Many of the leaders in the business started as trainees.

goodman masson

Goodman Masson

Their training and development programme is so good it’s a trademark. The Experience ® ensures that you have all the tools you need and the infrastructure to be successful. They won 8 awards for the programme last year. For Goodman Masson it’s more than just work, it about developing new skills and developing yourself professionally in the way YOU want/need.

mcgregor boyall

McGregor Boyall

The UK Director and started in the business as a Resourcer straight out of Uni. They have developed a training programme so all Associate Consultants joining the business can have the best chance at success and becoming fantastic leaders as possible.


daniel owen

Daniel Owen

This is training that has stood the test of time! They’ve been going 1986 and have created a business based around expertise. They couldn’t have done this without the hugely rewarding incentive programme and dedicated learning and development programme.




They make sure you know where you fit into the business and give you clear objectives to progress your career. They’ll assist with your personal development and have a bespoke career progression programme tailored to you based on both performance and competency.

And if you’re more Senior now, thinking about your next move, this list is the place to start.