5 Recruitment Agencies to See the World With

You may be reading this at your desk. Maybe on the treadmill at lunch. Perhaps while your kids are busy redecorating the living room with crayons.

Absolutely loving life.

And on top of that, your to-do list’s getting longer than your bucket list. But your job doesn’t have to hold you back.

Recruitment’s a line of work in which seeing the world isn’t just a nice to have. But a very real possibility.

Chances are, you’re at a stage in your life where city breaks, weekend getaways, or broiling yourself on a beach for weeks on end is high up the priority list.

And chances are further, that a bit of that commission could – dare I say it, should – be put towards making that happen on the regs.

Getting away and seeing the world’s good for the mind, body and soul.

So here are 5 companies that’ll give you freedom to see the world and support your interests, both inside and outside of work.

company wide trips

Portfolio Group

When was your last vacation? How much did you worry about work?

If you’re looking for some R&R, find your escape with Portfolio Group.

The team has regular trips to sporting events, renowned restaurants and social hotspots.

They’ve been on company holidays to Miami, Monaco, Dubai and Barcelona.

Launched in 1988 as the go-to agency for payroll placements, they’re experts in the industry.

And this success means more celebrations, incentives and flexibility.

Your hard work will be well rewarded here too.

flexible working hours


There’s no reason to be chained to your desk in order to be productive.

You can still work effectively, save time and have energy for personal goals.

EMR offer 2 hours of Flexitime every week, to use any way you want.

And they keep it flexible, so your individual work hours depend on what works for you.

They’ve specialised in marketing, digital communications and investor relations for the last 25 years.

And created a healthy balance, where you can pursue your interests and maintain a successful career.

Looking to make time for a new hobby? Click here for Flexitime.

international relocation

Twenty Recruitment

A business with a global presence comes with many advantages.

Exposure to new cultures, greater access to talent and of course, the opportunity to travel.

Twenty Recruitment have expanded to offices in London, New York, Texas and Berlin.

They’ll invest in you and support you regardless of the location you choose.   

Travel for meetings, head out for an evening of entertainment or enjoy the rooftop restaurants of NYC.

Experience everything this company has to offer and see where it takes you.

remote-working unlimited holiday

Ernest Hunter Green

Remove the daily commute from your routine and think about the free time you’d have.

You could manage work in your own way, wherever you want.

You’d still get proper mentorship to succeed.

Ernest Hunter Green are 100% remote.

The team meet regularly and have a buzzing social scene, even without an office.

And did we mention unlimited holiday allowance?

If there’s unchecked boxes on your bucket list, you won’t have to sacrifice them here.

international relocation


If you’re reading this article, chances are you like to travel.

And what’s better than relocating to one of the world’s most thriving cities?

We’re talking about Dubai. A city that has no plans to slow down.

At Discovered, your life experiences and recruitment skills are equally important.

They give you time to explore the sights and work from different countries.

Sand or surf? Adventure or luxury?

There’s something for everyone. Discover what’s possible.

Your job shouldn’t prevent your dreams from coming true.

It’s a big world. Go out and see it.