5 Financial Services Agencies You Can Bank On

The world of Financial Services, or FS, has always been a traditionally ‘safe’ market. The security against economic downturns has in the past made it not only a safe option for your recruitment career, but one with huge potential.

And now, with the emergence of new technology, the Financial Services sector continues to grow.

The way the world spends money has changed. There’ll always be incredible opportunity in traditional FS recruitment specialisms. But now, they’re being pushed by the up and comers.

Think block chain, de-centralised currencies, contactless payments, mobile payments, facial recognition technology. All of these now play into FS. And the market continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Led by multinationals and startups alike, a special blend of old and new now exists for recruiters looking for both stability and room to grow.

Reliable but ever-changing.

Working in this market will give you exposure to high-profile individuals and businesses. There’s a range of specialisms and depending on your focus, your career could go from strength to strength.

Think FS recruitment’s all about wearing a suit and hammering KPIs? Think again...

These 5 companies are taking Financial Services recruitment to the next level.

recruitment platform in financial services


In a world with so many businesses to choose from, every company wants to be unique.

They need to differentiate themselves from the rest.

Referment takes innovation to a whole new level.

They’re a social recruitment platform with a network of over 12,000 industry professionals in the Financial Services, Technology, and Legal & Insurance sectors.

Referment goes back to basics – the power of people. Users refer great candidates for jobs and get rewarded for doing so.

Meaning upon joining, your job becomes dramatically different to most. It’s intuitive. Unique. And will impact both your career and skillset.

Referment have an in-house Tech team, which means you can help develop a product, with the end user in mind. This is recruitment like you’ve never seen it before.

Move away from a traditional practice and join a company that uses technology to enhance relationships.

HR recruitment industry

Oakleaf Partnership

As long as you mention mental health in your company description, you’re good to go right?

But not all companies take that extra step to ensure you’re happy and healthy.

Oakleaf Partnership puts all consultants through a mental health first aid course. They also offer 24/7 employee support and links to mental health charities.

You’ll not only will you be cared for, your success and happiness will increase at the same time.

Founded in 2005, Oakleaf provides recruitment and search solutions for HR, Payroll, and Human Capital Services. They’ve been recognised by The Sunday Times and London Stock Exchange Group for their employee care and career trajectory.

The Oakleaf Academy brings together rising HR professionals and senior leaders, who share their knowledge in a social setting.

Get a happier, more successful career with a friendly, committed team and make a positive impact along the way.

finance and tech recruitment

BIE Executive

Businesses today must transform to survive.

Like the organisations they work with, BIE Executive has transformed since their launch in 1996.

They began with Interim Management, adding Executive Search and Business Consultancy to the mix. They specialise in Finance, HR, Technology and Executive Leadership.

This means you’ll have variety and flexibility in your role. 

BIE’s reputation is built on long-standing personal relationships. Which means there’s a platform for success with the industry’s top names, before you pick up the phone.

You could help develop some of UK’s biggest companies through an enhanced customer centric approach. 

This is a culture to be proud of. BIE have passionate team players who are collaborative, self-motivated, and personable.

Disrupt the industry with a leading recruitment model and become a trusted advisor at BIE.

strategic partnership

The Barton Partnership 

Their clients describe them as a strategic partner.

Their values – human, aware, committed – distinguish them from the rest.

They’re true subject matter experts in Strategy, Transformation, and M&A.

The Barton Partnership provides services in Independent Consulting, Permanent Recruitment, and Consulting Projects, with offices in London, New York, Singapore, and France.

They’re aiming to shift from best-in-class to world-class.

 If you thrive on problem-solving and want to be rewarded for spotting problems others miss, this is your opportunity to sky rocket your recruitment career.

That doesn’t mean there no fun on offer though. With ski trips, summer holidays, and weekly group activities The Barton Partnership will propel your career, increase your happiness and make you a true expert in the industry.

Work in a dynamic & niche role with an opportunity to advance your career globally.


people solutions for big businesses

New Street Group

Professionalism. Entrepreneurial flair. People solutions for big business challenges.

New Street Group offers a full suite of services in Executive Search and Assessment, Interim Management and Talent Consulting.

Across its three brands (Interim Partners, BrightPool and Wickland Westcott), they combine research and proven methodologies to deliver success.

This is a chance to build a holistic understanding of future leaders’ aspirations, skills, and personality.

If you want an understanding work family with job sharing, glide time, and career breaks, then this is the perfect home for you.

New Street Group offers a diverse environment with an active social life and a huge footing of success in their markets.

The world of Financial Services is a great place to take your recruitment career. Whether you already have knowledge of the inner workings, and want to move into a new markets, or have simply seen the light and want to know more…

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