5 Agencies with Big Ambitions for 2020

It’s often assumed the bigger you are as a business, the better you are.

That’s far from the reality of the modern day recruitment world, where smaller more agile businesses are staking a claim for your next career move.

Small companies are sometimes overlooked for their larger competitors.

It happens all the time. Companies long for the day they can claim “we’re industry leading” on LinkedIn, whether true or not.

But a smaller company could provide exactly what you need to succeed in your role in a big way.

The best companies are known for their excellent service, commitment to the cause, ambitions for the future.

In the old days, the size of the database and name on the wall would win you friends influence people. These days, the playing field’s being levelled.

A smaller business could give you a much better opportunity to advance your career, have greater flexibility in your schedule, and work in an environment you can craft yourself.

See your impact, contribute your ideas, and join a company that’ll invest in your career.

Take a look at these 5 businesses with big ambitions for the upcoming year.

hospitality recruitment


The hospitality industry. A niche area of recruitment that has the loveliest candidate base out there, and huge potential to earn fantastic money.

Couple that with a great company reputation, and you’re on to a winner.

Cartwheel Recruitment is filled with an energetic team of recruiters who’ve won the hearts of their clients and enjoy a dog friendly office.

You’ll be given flexible working hours, encouraged to attend networking events, go on plenty of team socials, and have a company that feels like home.

Cartwheel your career in an SME with an inclusive and non-hierarchical culture.

recruitment startup


Once you can admit you’re sitting in the unknown, it’s a liberating place to be.

A place where the possibilities are endless.

Launched in 2016, this startup was born out of the pursuit of adventure and learning.

They know what you do today impacts where you’ll be in the future.

Hawkwood love being niche because it means they can keep very close to the market – more time dealing with people; less time endlessly trawling the web to find them.

They also offer a load of perks to make your life even better – work from home, flex working, L&D budget to spend on whatever you like.

Change the expected and shape the culture of this young & growing business.

dubai recruitment


Ever think about relocating? What’s better than doing so to the sun, with a dynamic agency and great support?

For many people, Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime destination.

For you, it could be home.

And they’ll give you the chance to explore it.

Discovered are Digital, Tech, and E-Commerce experts. But they also understand the meaning of flexibility.

Work from home once a week, choose your start/finish time, and pick which 5 days you can work.

But that’s not all – they even offer a remote working policy.

It’s a big world, get out and see it. And do so with a grounding of success.

small recruitment company

Healy Hunt

Healy Hunt have established themselves as the go to consultancy for Financial disciplines. But they also know in this challenging industry, individuals must find enough time to manage their lives and wellness.

Healy Hunt encourage all Consultants to be creative in their role.

They’ll give you a platform where your ideas are heard.

If you want to create your own desk, they’re there to support you.

If you’d rather join an established team, they’re there to mentor you.

Get some balance back – with monthly meetings, team socials, and a new office space that’ll leave you feeling fresh & motivated.

transforming recruitment

Few & Far

Bold. Confident. Honest.

They’re carving a new path into a new era. They don’t want to fit in.

They know it’s all about the experience, not just the transaction. They follow a simple model: Attract, Build, Sustain. And they do it to impressive results.

This is an opportunity to join a business with deep-rooted knowledge, wide ranging networks who hold and run events to help you with the hardest parts of your job.

Their social committee takes some beating too.

Are you ready to go far? And be one of the few?

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Still not convinced?

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