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Measure branding performance then refine your strategy. From job alerts to social posts, find out what converts best.

Hunted gives you access to data you’ve never had so you can take control of your employer brand and make hiring easier.

Save time targeting the right people

Headhunting on other platforms is a numbers game. Not on Hunted.

Candidates build anonymous profiles so they can share honest detail on their situation and aspirations.

You save time working out if they’re a fit.

Your headhunts are more tailored so you get better response rates.

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Companies with diverse workforces outperform their competitors and report having happier employees.

Our bias-free anonymous profiles empower your team to remove prejudice from their hiring processes.

Bottle the magic of your company

Confidently improve application rates, hiring conversion and retention with the employer branding platform built for the recruitment industry

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