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  • Caspar Benson, Director at Unquoted | Search
    I had known of Hunted for some time, so when it came to making my first hire I got in touch to see if they would be able to help focus my employer brand and attract new recruiters. By only paying a one off subscription to join the platform (rather than a large fee if I hired) it made complete sense to give it a try. I got some great applications and actually made my first hire in just a week and half so am very happy with the results and will definitely turn to Hunted for the next hire!
    Caspar Benson, Director at Unquoted | Search
  • Serrol Osman, Managing Director, EMR
    We've hired 4 new staff in 6 months, all have been successful so the ROI is significant, repaying the investment several times over and providing a more cost effective solution to the standard rec2rec channels.
    Serrol Osman, Managing Director, EMR
  • Harjit Dlay, Director, Network Marketing
    We’d heard a lot about Hunted within the industry and thought we’d see what all the fuss was about. We've loved the extended reach their platform gave our brand, the catered service they supplied through one-to-one meetings and ultimately how this personal approach quickly lead to us hiring a talented consultant.
    Harjit Dlay, Director, Network Marketing
  • Perry Sunshine, Partner, Sten Partners
    The team at Hunted are supportive whilst caring about the results and the site is very easy to set up and low maintenance to manage. We have been fortunate enough to hire 2 excellent consultants within 3 months for our business and very happy with the results so far.
    Perry Sunshine, Partner, Sten Partners
  • Craig Davies, Co-Founder, Orbis Consultants
    We’ve recently partnered with Hunted on a TalentPool. It’s been very positive so far, not just from the hires but also in engaging candidates that may not have otherwise known who we are. We’ve had consistent feedback around the activities done to generate candidates, a level of service we wouldn’t get from a rec2rec. They give us insights into our hiring strategy, that I am confident will impact our business longer term.
    Craig Davies, Co-Founder, Orbis Consultants
  • Rachel Tafler, Internal Recruitment, Handle
    We made a hire within a month of signup! The Hunted team were incredibly supportive helping us set up our profile, advising on content and how to increase candidate attraction. Thank you Hunted!
    Rachel Tafler, Internal Recruitment, Handle


Get your employer brand in front of thousands of active recruiters with our rich company profiles, featured content and re-imagined job adverts

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Recruiters can apply with a swipe or chat anonymously to find out more. Give them an authentic look inside your company and get the conversations going


Our smart matching puts your jobs and company profile in front of the most relevant recruiters. Tell them your story and entice them to apply.

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Our candidate profiles have all the information you need to narrow down your search. From candid information on their current situation to their last 12 months revenue - because users are anonymous they can be far more open with the information they give.


We don’t charge a fee per hire. You get unlimited hiring with any of our packages. Get started today and attract, engage, and hire the talent you need to grow your recruitment business.

Save money

Unlimited hiring and employer branding for less than a grad rec-to-rec fee.

Save time

Find all the best candidates in one place, with all the information you need.

Grow your business

Hire the right people, who fit your culture and they’ll grow with you.


  • 12 month content marketing plan
  • Professional Office Photos
  • Employer branding consultation
  • Targeted job ads
  • Profile & job metrics
  • Candidate retargetting
  • Promoted content
  • Rich company profile
  • Team Collaboration - coming soon
  • Drag & Drop profile editor
  • Mobile layout preview & editor
  • Direct candidate communication
  • Database search & direct headhunting
  • Email notifications
  • Dedicated account manager


Unlimited hiring and complete employer branding starting at just


+ VAT a year