Why us?

One of Amida’s highest priorities is to provide an empowering and satisfying workplace, that enables employees to realise solid financial rewards. We see our staff as our most important asset. As such we treat them with respect, nurturing talent in a structured way while providing autonomy for those with more experience to achieve without the shackles of over management prevalent in the industry.

Asia HQ

Team Singapore

Singapore Office

When Amida was ready for a new venture in Asia, Singapore really stood out in comparison to other Asian markets in terms of ease of business setup, connectivity with the rest of Asia, business transparency as well as both economic stability and growth opportunities. Launched in June 2011, with 4 consultants, the Singapore office has gone from strength-to-strength in both numbers and revenue. We now have 10 consultants split across 2 vertical specialisms; namely Design (for built environment) and Construction / Build. With both permanent and contract recruiters we operate a 360 approach including a Resourcer/ Research Consultant model. Our Design team operates predominantly within APAC and Construction within ASEAN. We currently work out of a brilliant new WeWork office in Chinatown, which has super comfy couches, a breakfast bar, regular events and a co-working space where we get to rub shoulders with other small business across a huge range of industries.

Be part of our “A” Team!


At Amida, we hold certain values key to our company. These are: Expertise, Efficiency, Positivity, Innovation and Accountability. Our key personality traits are to be collaborative, energetic and tenacious.  We have one-to-one meetings, once a week, where consultants and mentors challenge each other in terms on these values, to find out if they have demonstrated it through their work and if not, how we can improve in every respect. There is no “call-centre” mentality in our offices. We run a quality-led, client-oriented service, and strongly believe in long-term candidate relationships - everyone is treated with respect along the ethos of treating others how you’d like to be treated yourself. We place a lot of emphasis on making the work place enjoyable as well as rewarding; kick-starting the week with some sort of game to get energy levels moving and creativity flowing, and with regular social club outings for team bonding and collaboration away from the work place.


We have a very interactive intranet platform called “The Hub” that allows our recruiters to send messages, post blogs, newsletters, social activities and incentive updates. We also provide both LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Premium accounts - whichever suits.


We do have basic KPI’s so that consistency and effort are established and maintained however our management style is considered a lot more "hands-off" which allows our consultants to use initiative and empower their own decision making. Every desk is treated as a consultant’s own business in Singapore and in a sense; they handle their own profit/loss. We love to collaborate and encourage sharing between desks and offices often seeing split fees. To facilitate this we share a global cloud-based database. We have a wide variety of consultants with varying backgrounds. Our diversity includes England, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Scotland and Canada.

CSR is a big thing for Amida. Our recent donation to the Lighthouse Club was chosen - a global charity foundation for injured construction workers and their families.

Rewards and Perks

Quarterly incentives for the top billers in the company also known as the “A” Team, which could be cash bonus, as well as a day out and /or a high-end lunch outing. Work ethic, effort and all-round contribution is also recognised via the monthly “MVP Directors” award with trophy – which means anyone who stands out from the crowd gets recognised, and not just the top billers. At Amida, our consultants also get a “duvet day” which could be if they’re feeling a little hungover, or just a little washed out. We also regularly share free lunches and / or other good eats where consultants get together to share work or tell stories over a delicious dish of Hainanese Chicken Rice or other local delicacies, or perhaps over a plate of cheese and biscuits!

Amida is absolutely a great place to work. It is an enjoyable place for so many reasons. The people are great to be around and it naturally creates a positive, productive work environment. - Cheryl


We operate a tiered training and development program which includes a modular external recruitment training program for junior level; recruitment workshops focusing on improving recruitment practices and techniques for mid-tier; and bespoke training working with senior management for Senior Consultants.