Consultants & Team Managers - Miami, USA at Discover International

$35,000 - $70,000

Annual Basic Salary
Miami, FL, USA
Agency Recruitment

We've landed in Miami!

And we want you to join us. Riding high on our organic growth and success within the Pharma division, Discover have grasped a unique opportunity to take a team to live, work and excel in Miami, Florida! With the scale for growth and success in Pharma in the US off the charts we landed at the end of 2018 with a brilliant and eager team. 2019 is shaping up to be an incredible year! Why Miami? We wanted to break out from the standard New York or San Francisco move, we were looking for an East Coast time zone for easy access to clients, with great weather all year round, the beach on your door step, a fun location with diverse culture, food, music and nightlife; a better cost of living, a far better standard of living. A pool of local talent. With easy connections around the US and Caribbean islands for business and leisure, and offering cheap flights to the UK for our expat contingent. All with much more money to be made for you as a professional. For us, Miami ticked all boxes.

Joining the Discover Miami team

Whilst the awesome lifestyle of the move is important, our team are the hungriest for the increased earning power and income from fee size they will have in Miami compared to the UK. Where UK recruiters are taxed close to 40% on the high earners they place, in Miami this will be more like 25%. Combined with the bigger fees on offer in Florida consultants can earn approximately a third more money whilst working at the same performance output as their UK cousins. This, all before adding in enhanced internal and external training for further development and subsequent commission achievements under the Discover International family.

Our Miami home is Brickell, the central, buzzing business district - close to stunning South Beach and on the door step of beautiful, affordable areas to live so you can walk to the office in the sun!

For contract & perm high performers:

If you are local to Miami, or if you are US citizen or Green Card holder working elsewhere in the US who would love to live and work in Miami, we want to hear from you! Experience in recruitment and/or sales is preferred. For British citizens, if you have 2+ years’ experience in contract or perm recruitment and are interested in accelerating the next step in your career and earning power in the sun in FL with our industry leading team - get in touch! We're looking for high performers with positive energy, a real desire to succeed, and evidence of first class business development and recruitment skill to help us grow and become the number one pharma recruitment company in the US. We will be providing Visas and a relocation package.

Tax & cost of living, Miami is a winner!

Compared to other recruitment hot-spots, Miami has a big draw beyond the obvious sun, fun and lifestyle. Your money goes a lot further! Unlike much of America, there is no state income tax in Florida, no city tax in Miami, and federal income tax for our high earners will be approximately 25%. Approximate tax comparison: MIAMI 25% New York 36.8% California 38.3% UK 38.6% Cost of living is lower too... Average Miami rents are: 37.4% less than New York! 45.09% less than San Francisco! 19.88% less than London! Average Consumer prices in Miami are: 13.61% lower than New York 11.95% lower than San Francisco 5.26% lower than London

Our average fee size is $41,500, approx £30,000

And our record fee size is $84,000, equivalent to £63,353 - this will be going up again at any moment. With an average fee of over $40,000 the opportunity to earn commission with us is exceptional. We have paid out single commission checks in excess of $60,000 to multiple members of our fast growing team! We have incredible clients with eye watering amounts of high fee value vacancies, the opportunity to take forward your career and earning potential in our Miami team is huge.

Our home - Brickell Miami - FL33130

Ryan - one of our Managers - outside our office at Brickell City Centre