Senior Technical Recruiter - permanent & remote at Freshtechit

£30,000 - £40,000

Annual Basic Salary
London, UK
Agency Recruitment

Only for experienced and motivated recruiters!

Are you fed up with the dreading commute to work every day? Here at FreshTechIT we were too. And we made a bald move. We let everyone to work from home. No more alarms going off at crazy AM hours, no more manic rush hours, no more chaos on the tube or bus, no more office drama... just your home. While other recruitment companies keep spending thousands on posh offices to attract best consultants like you, we figured out that at some stage, experienced recruiters are looking for something else. You can call it work-life balance, we like to call it self-dependence and ownership. Could it be you to land the fully-remote, permanent job with FreshtechIT where you can earn the highly competitive base salary and a top-notch commission structure starting at min. 20%?

What is on offer?

Full time permanent job with 23 days of holiday, competitive base salary and our top-notch commission structure. We are serving a lot of very busy clients, so most likely you begin delivering to our existing accounts for which we offer 20% commission. If you bring your own clients over or build new relationships, your commission can go up to 40%. We also offer quarterly incentives such as Apple iPads, top restaurants and shopping vouchers and many more! Our MD Annabelle has a knack for finding great ways to support your day-to-day work. Whether you are sourcing for niche roles or finding new clients, Annabelle knows a lot of very helpful tricks! Oh, and we have probably the best sourcing infrastructure, which we regularly evaluate to stay ahead of the game. As the remote team of Freshtech-ers continues to grow, you will have the opportunity to lead your own team, a business area or to become our Sales Manager with a clear path to a Director role.

What it takes to work with us?

Working from home requires experience, hence, we are not looking for consultants who are in their first 2 or 3 years of recruitment adventure. It also requires trust therefore, we are seeking recruiters who are transparent and honest. You have seen it all, you do the right things and you have the passion to help clients and candidates. You innovate. You motivate yourself to deliver results and go the extra mile without supervision. You take your job seriously and professionally. You own it. You also have a strong interest and ideally experience of recruiting within the IT sector. We typically recruit for roles across software development, DevOps and infrastructure as well as senior appointments in the UK and in Europe.

How does it work?

You start your day by committing to a few achievable goals. Whether it is finding candidates or building new client relationships, every day you give your best to meet and exceed your own goals. You are in touch a lot with other Freshtech-ers throughout the day via Zoom, Whatsapp, email and phone. At the end of each day you join a wrap-up call to tell everyone how your day went, your highs and lows. You also meet the team once a month at our regular hot spot at WeWork London to have a catch-up, work together, go for a drink and lunch. No managers breathing over your neck, no dreading commute to work. All from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Annabelle - Director

Co-working space

Are you interested?

Then please send us your CV in confidence or call us so we could tell you more. Our recruitment process is straight forward – we have a telephone chat, then we do a test and finally we meet face to face in London. We look forward to hearing from you!