FRONTrunner Recruitment Ltd.

What Hunted Says

It's a breath of fresh air to find a company that has thoroughly thought through who they are. FRONTrunner have created a new way to partner with clients booking a period of time in their diaries one day a week for top class candidates. This cuts down the back and forth for scheduling interviews (i.e. less admin!), and forms trust between yourself and your client. Enjoy a £1000 pay rise on your base salary every time you invoice £12k a month for 3 months in a row... which means a potential £4k pay rise every year! Which is 100% achievable when you're working niche, unsaturated markets like Dentistry and Engineering.

Key Info

Size< 10

Recruitment Sectors
Engineering & ManufacturingMedical & HealthcareProperty & ConstructionSalesSocial Care and HousingTrades & Services

What We Do

We only recruit for permanent positions so no chasing time sheets or any of the hundreds of things that annoy recruiters about dealing with temps.

We recruit nationwide in two main sectors:-

1. FRONTrunner Recruitment - the engineering market - HVAC/R and M&E

2. FRONTrunner MDH - the Medical, Dental, and Healthcare markets

What Happens Day 1...

On your first day at FRONTrunner you are put through one to one training to make sure you are up to speed with your own recruitment skills and so you know how we operate and how to sell our services. If you learn one new skill during your initial training then it has been more than worth it. Next, you are given a 6 week plan to show what you should be achieving to be successful. Next, you are given hundreds (no joke, hundreds) of companies to call on our database along with hot vacancies to work on from day one. Next, you surpass your targets, you overthrow management with your superior recruitment skills, you lead a mutiny and take the helm as king of FRONTrunner Recruitment.* *not guaranteed.

We aren't trying to be the biggest agency, just the BEST agency.

The Good Stuff

• Casual dress – no frantically ironing stuff at 7am or melting in a suit in the summer for us • Closed over Christmas and New Year – enjoy your turkey coma at home • Recruit to music – 6 Music seems to please most of the people most of the time • Candidate and Client ownership from day one – if they are in your name, they are yours forever • REALLY good monthly commission plan along with promotion and pay raise plan • All paid for quarterly nights out as a thank you for hard work – no one ever turns down free food and drink • Monthly Champions Lunch for people who hit their target • As soon as you hit your first 12k month target you get your birthday off (paid ) every year for eternity • Hit your first 15k month and get free gym membership to pump that iron and blast those legs • We are based just outside of the centre of Watford so... parking is free, from day one, for everyone

Why We Are Better Than Most

I could bore you with the old '...we make sure we fully interview our candidates and thus provide a more professional service for our clients.' or the even older '... we have a table tennis table for brainstorming meeting.' Well firstly, all agencies should be doing the first thing anyway and regarding the second thing... is playing table tennis going to make you more successful? We don't believe that recruiters need to be in the office working for 14 hours a day - all you need to do is be here ready to work at 8.30am and then go home at 5.30pm. If you have a daily plan then normal working hours will make you successful. Its a friendly, relaxed environment where you will be given the training and tools to make yourself successful and earn some great money, but don't confuse 'relaxed' with 'lacklustre'. We are professional and expect people to have passion in what they do. You will laugh, you will cry, but you WILL get rewarded and you WILL be valued.

Get That Promotion / Pay Raise

At FRONTrunner you get rewarded by performance so if you want a pay raise or a promotion then this is how you do it: To get a £1,000 basic pay raise all you have to do is invoice £12,000 or more for 3 months in a row - so best case scenario you could get a £4,000 basic raise per year. TAKE THAT INFLATION!!! To get promoted to the next level you need to invoice 110% of your quarterly target (£36,000 is the quarterly target for a consultant), you also get a £2,000 pay raise with every promotion.

Commission Structure

Lets face it, being able to earn more money but for doing the same hours is always going to be a great benefit. Everything at FRONTrunner is transparent and you know exactly what you need to do to earn the money you want. EVERYTHING is based on your performance, none of this '...bonuses are down to managers discretion' rubbish. Your threshold to earn commission is 15% of whatever your basic salary is, so lower basic salary = lower threshold, higher basic salary = higher threshold... Then.... you can start earning commission on what you invoice per month:- Threshold to £12,000 = 20% commission £12,000 to £15,000 = 25% commission Everything above £15,000 = 30% commission We also have quarterly bonuses for your monthly average which goes from an extra £500 up to an extra £4,000 per quarter available. You will always know exactly what your commission in next months wages will be. ALWAYS.

Training For Brand New 'Green Horns'

Recruitment is hard. This is a fact. Joining a company and getting the training you need to be successful is even harder it would seem. You have no sales experience, you have no recruitment experience, you have no sector experience.... you need nurturing and training, not just "'s a phone, here's a call list, you need a deal but the end of the week." When you start at FRONTrunner you get an intensive week of one on one training to get you up to speed, we cover fee negotiation, reservation handling, job selling, candidate interviewing, and all the other little bits of teaching that will make you successful.. We also have weekly training blasts where we cover a topic as a team to give people a refresher on something they already know but maybe have forgotten about. Next, your first 6 weeks are mapped out for you in terms on daily and weekly KPI's so you can understand what you need to achieve on a daily and weekly basis to make sure you are successful.

FRONTrunner Recruitment Ltd.

Key Info

Industry Recruitment/Search
Headquarters Watford
Company Size < 10

Recruitment Sectors
Engineering & Manufacturing Medical & Healthcare Property & Construction Sales Social Care and Housing Trades & Services


  • Visible Commission Structure
  • Clear Progression Structure
  • Recruit to Music
  • Dress Down
  • Closed Xmas & New Year
  • Birthday Off
  • Gym Membership
  • Escape The City
  • Parking
  • Actively Hiring Now
  • Beer Fridge
  • Work From Home
  • 100% Remote
  • Friday Drinks

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