Head Office

On a Friday everyone gathers upstairs and we have a round up of the week and everyone receives recognition for everything they've done. It's honestly just so lovely to leave the office on that high.

The company culture stays true to its roots and knows how to uphold the work/play balance. Oh, and did I mention we have a recreational space with PS4, ball pool and a table tennis table?

Quanta likes a social event and get together, from summer BBQs and Christmas parties to going to the pub together after work on a Friday.

I have been in this industry for 8+ years and have never worked anywhere like Quanta before.

Quanta seriously take time to invest in you, the training and support I have been given since I started has massively helped me to work towards my goals and development plans.

Working here you feel valued and important, team activities and recognition across the board for everyone from Sales to Accounts and Operations