Cloud Recruitment Consultant at Cognitive Group

£27,000 - £42,000

Annual Basic Salary
London, UK
Agency Recruitment

What Hunted Says

Based in London, we are a Microsoft Tech and Transformation specialist agency and we've been in the industry for over 12 years. Our clients include fashion brands, adventurous global agencies and thought leading consultancies. But it’s our culture that's really unique; we work collaboratively and instead of chasing KPI’s we focus on building relationships. That is what set's us apart from the crowd - hear what our clients and candidates say about us. On top of fantastic packages, we work a "9 day fortnight" which means we get every other Friday off, and the Fridays we are in, we finish early. This is because we truly see the value in having a worklife balance and rewarding our people for working hard... and we've seen the impact from this already, having had a record breaking month in Feb (during lockdown!). How would you use all this free time?Let us lay away any concerns you may have about leaving the stability of your current job. We understand it's a tricky time, but we've successfully onboarded a number of people during lockdown, who are already climbing to the tops of their ranks and that's a testament to how well they've integrated virtually, but also shows the strenght of our market and our solid network base - which you would have full access too!Indeed, there's no denying that Microsoft is booming, so there's plenty of work for you to get stuck into and it's why we're growing so rapidly. But, we need great leaders to help us get there. Now's the time to join us.

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Are you being overlooked in your current organisation? Perhaps your billing opportunity has plateaued due to the pandemic, or maybe you’re just looking for an organisation that’s demonstrated commitment to its people during the pandemic and need a change as the market rebounds.

If you are understandably concerned about losing your current contract book, don't fret... We will provide a financial bridge to support you through the transition.


We recruit solely for Microsoft tech and transformation projects, and with Microsoft’s cloud Azure being the 4th most in demand skill in the UK, we know we’re onto a winner. 

Indeed, there's no denying that Microsoft is uniquely placed to benefit from the pandemic accelerated tech boom, so there's plenty of client work for you to get stuck into and it's why we're hiring specifically for our contract team. Even Ir35 legislation is having little impact on the surge in demand for contractors. 

With proliferation of Cloud and digital transformation at the centre of every industry, we're looking for experienced consultants (1-5 years experience). Ideally people with experience of recruiting within the contract Cloud, DevOps, ERP and CRM market.


- Credibility of being a Microsoft Partner 

- One of the largest Microsoft networks in the UK. Delivering to your roles is just a bit easier with 64,700 registered Microsoft candidates on our database; all the phone numbers, notes and background from 14 years of working in this space.

- Being so well networked in Microsoft UK means we have relationships with leaders in their cloud business, and significantly, the insights they share on net new and legacy customers, means we have clarity of focus for our target lists  

- Microsoft is the ‘main event’ at Cognitive, so each conversation, lead, referral, training, and every penny of marketing budget is linked to the area you focus on. And just this last quarter we had more new customers reach out to us for recruiting than we normally receive in a whole year


- We work with household names and organisations spanning the full Microsoft ecosystem, from Partners and Microsoft technology users to Microsoft themselves.

- But don’t take our word for the strength of our relationships, we are proud to have captured video testimonials from some of our key clients and candidates, like above - Jay is the CEO from cloudThing, a Microsoft Gold Partner. Watch them all here:

- These video testimonials go a long way in business development of new clients as they help demonstrate the value we bring to our customer base.

- We have also invested in the best tools on the market for talent sourcing, which enables us to use data and insights to scrutinise the talent mix and identify uncovered opportunities within organisations and the wider market.


Working alongside and being mentored by one of our five top contract billers; you’ll be supported on your client and contractor plan that enables you to grow your contract book beyond anything you’ve done before. We also actively support learning (in work time) of Microsoft products and you have full access to a LinkedIn Learning Account. We have a genuine ‘learn it all’ culture - our team have already completed 160 courses on LinkedIn in the last 10 months alone.


On top of fantastic packages, we work a "9-day fortnight" which means we get every other Friday off and a total of 45-50 holidays a year, and the Fridays we do work, we finish at 3pm. This is because we truly see the value in having a work/life balance and rewarding our people for working hard... and we've seen the impact from this already, having had consecutive record-breaking months and multiple people achieving their career PB’s and promotions.


Full private medical including mental health support. Lunch clubs, incentive days out, trips away (when practically possible again). Home office budget and a genuine adult approach to flexible working…Tues & Thurs in our London office and the other days you choose where you’d like to work.   


We have a dedicated D&I function within our organisation who are helping to educate and re-engineer D&I across our business. This not only helps us internally to grow, but ensures we are in the best possible situation to help our clients as this is a key agenda on their books. 

- We have formulated our D&I mission and why statements which are communicated regularly to the team, supported from the top down  

- As part of this we carry out regular training sessions and activities to educate the team in areas such as recognising your own bias– whether that be unconscious, affinity, confirmation or any other types of bias. 

- We have standardised our internal hiring processes to avoid bias where possible, and scrutinise our adverts for gender discrimination, using tools such as the "Inclusiveness" setting on Microsoft Word which highlights phrases which could be deemed as gender specific


We're looking for senior and principal level recuiters with 1 - 5 years experience, plus:
- Track record of IT contract recruiting success. 
- Energy and great interpersonal skills. 
- An irresistible drive for success. 
- Resilience and ability to self-motivate. 
- Desire to learn, grow and become a specialist in your market.


We're looking for senior and principal consultants with 1 - 5 years experience. And at this level, with our highly competitive commission scheme, you can expect to bill between £150k - £300k a year.