Technology Recruiter at Eligo Recruitment

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£40,000 - £100,000

Annual Basic Salary
London, UK
Agency Recruitment

What Hunted Says

Imagine having a pay rise and/or promotion every 6 months. Without having to fight tooth and nail for it. Dreamy. Eligo are one of the rare agencies that blends a high performing environment with the freedom to write your own metrics and influence growth plans. With a great reputation within Tech, SAP, Fire & Security and Medical, you'll be able to benefit from awesome client relationships. Being based in Wimbledon means you’ll get a seat on the train in to work and have the infamous Wimbledon Common round the corner for Pimms filled summer evenings with the team.

Desk Focus

Permanent Roles


Digital & MediaTechnicalTechnology

Dot com

18 years ago in the midst of the dot com crash we started Eligo for one simple reason; we loved recruitment but not so much the way it was being done in the companies we had worked in before. So, we set out to start a company that would do recruitment differently, placing our staff and their passion for recruitment at the heart of our business. It’s a strategy that has seemed to work. We now have now added 4 sectors to the original Technology team, we work with amazing companies from start-ups to globally renowned FTSE 100’s, and now continue to grow in both London and our new office in Birmingham. That's where you come in.

You've probably had a love of recruitment too

There’s the money, the thrill to the chase and place, and being in control of your own destiny is great. But it could be a lot better. You don’t need management breathing over your shoulder, and the way you’ve been performing, you definitely deserve more.


More autonomy to target who you want, where you want; to create a business plan and have the support to follow it through. More commitment to taking your craft to the next level; you want to increase your retained service offering? You want to dedicated marketing support and freedom to exhibit and attend leading industry events – become a part of the tech community, not just a supplier to it. More opportunity, more reward, more love of recruitment.

Right now?

You’re probably being told less is more, to carry on smashing the phones; to dream big whilst standing still. Maybe you’ll get a promotion in nothing but name. Maybe a little bump on the basic. It’s not more though is it?

Here's our more

Join us as we continue to change the tech recruitment market and love recruitment at Eligo. We've so passionate about what recruitment should look like that we've already got it covered here. All of the more above? Expect that, and of course... more. As a senior tech recruiter with Eligo you'll have the support to continue to progress, continue to bill more, and continue to do better.

What do you think?

There's always more we want to share but we can save that for meeting you. Hopefully you've already got a great feel for what it would be like working at Eligo from our profile, but get in touch if there's anything else you'd like to know! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

The Money

Commission structures shouldn't be complicated and you should be rewarded handsomely for your talents. Hopefully our structure fulfils both of those requirements. What's more, we recognise that you're likely leaving a successful desk to join us. As such we've got a separate structure in place for your first 6 months to ensure that the rewards don't stop. We run our commission on a quarterly basis, giving you a sizeable chunk every 3 months, especially once you're into the 40% bracket! Ultimately, our structure is tailored to be the best for the best, no clauses attached. We'll support you in every way to grow with Eligo, to bill more, and to watch your pay cheque grow too.

The Incentives

We have the usual incentives including bi-annual holidays (so far we've been to places including Dubai, Vegas, Marbella, Morzine, Barbados, and Croatia), quarterly achiever's incentives which always involve something fun and a swanky meal, and of course, our weekly game of Deal of Fortune! As with all things Eligo, we're always looking to reward our values, performance, and more, so expect spot recognition and more. Check out some of the pictures on the page to see what we get up to.

The Commission

First 6 Months: £0 - £30,000 = 10% £30,000 - £45,000 = 25% £45,000 + = 40% Permanent Structure (Quarterly): £0 - £18000 = Threshold (0%) £18,000 - £45,000 = 25% £45,000 + = 40% Contract Structure (Quarterly): £0 - £10,000 = Threshold (0%) £10,000 - £20,000 = 10% £20,000 - £30,000 = 20% £30,000 + = 25%

Your Development

It's not ideal having to approach the topic of a pay rise when you feel you need it, nor have to ask about promotions and the like. Your progression is just as important to us as it is you. It's why we have both a fixed Personal Development Plan and Progression Structure. With 6 monthly pay reviews and what's needed to guarantee a rise and/or promotion as well as a wealth of other development options confirmed before you start the quarter, you'll never need to head into a meeting not knowing what's going to happen ever again.

And more...

Find out more about what we offer and life at Eligo by visiting our profile page!