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WorksHub combine the newest technology and the latest marketing & analytics trends to offer a completely unique and revolutionary way of working within the recruitment industry! They therefore look for the revolutionary recruiters, the outliers and innovators to come and join their ranks. You'll struggle to find another recruitment company who are as engrained in technology as WorksHub and who are using this tech to enhance all aspects of the recruitment lifecycle. They have offices in New York and Central Shoreditch too and they're​ always open to a coffee & chat!

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2019 Company Ski Trip

The site is awesome by the way and everything is very simple and easy to use! Well done.


WorksHub creates powerful recruitment technologies to offer a completely revolutionary way of delivering talent to the tech industry. Through Human 👩🏽‍💻 and Artificial Intelligence 🤖 our 'Hubs' enable talent to find the world's most innovative companies, share new ideas, open-source technical problems and access the latest market trends in their chosen niche. Whether that be across functional programming, back end languages like Java, Python or Go, the decentralised world of Blockchain, the creative land of Javascript or the ever-changing AI sphere... we're modernising recruitment like never before. 💻

What we offer 🎉

▪️ Competitive commission structure ▪️ Flexible working hours ▪️ Dressed down office ▪️ Incentive trips and lunch clubs ▪️ Excellent onboarding and training ▪️ Supportive and collaborative environment ▪️ Rapid career growth for the ambitious ▪️ Ego-free peer group ▪️ Our own in-house engineering team ▪️ Powerful internal marketing software

I have to say the platform is very beautifully designed, easy to navigate, and for a JS developer the offers are just plain... juicy!

Our Technology

We have combined the latest technology with 'best of breed' recruiters 🧠 Change is inevitable in the industry and we have always been early adopters of technology. Humans will always have a place in recruitment 🙋🏾 it is the place of intelligent technology, however, to remove the drudgery of labor-intensive low-grade work, leaving our highly skilled and technical consultants free for the human touch and running the tech. Our tech team pushes code weekly and we're busy solving problems around data insights, UX, applicant tracking and client access too.

May Clojure Bridge event at our office in London

Who we look for...

We have an eclectic mix of characters here who all bring their own weird n’ wonderful style to our offices each week, so this is hard to define but... 📌 The outliers & renegades 👽 - those who like to do things differently and push the boundaries for a more efficient and unique way of working. 📌 The tech enthusiasts - who have an app for everything 📲, who know what the latest disruptive start-up in the tech world is and who know the latest frameworks being released on the programming front! 📌 The innovators - are you an ideas person? Are you naturally curious and inquisitive 🧐? Do you seek an environment which will nurture your creative flair? 📌 The ambitious/driven folk 📈 - you have goals and personal targets you want to hit , you know how you want to get just need the right environment. 📌 The organisational wizards - is your work & personal life automated? Do you strive for the most simplistic way to keep track of your social calendar 📋?

Functional Works

Our flagship brand was founded in 2014 and has continued to grow across the globe. We have a client list ranging from gaming companies in San Francisco to IoT in Berlin, to blockchain in Hong Kong 🌏 Functional programming has been gaining huge momentum with the explosion of data and massively scaled deployed technologies. We anticipated this demand and after four years of growth have solidified our position as the world's go-to functional programming recruiters 👌🏽

Tech Stack 💻

▪️ Clojure/ClojureScript ▪️ MongoDB ▪️ GraphQL ▪️ Heroku ▪️ Segment ▪️ Google Analytics/BigQuery ▪️ HubSpot

Incentive Trips Skiing

Congratulations for the redesign of the platform, it looks awesome! I just created an account and the onboarding process was a breeze!


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Industry Recruitment/Search
Headquarters London
Company Size 21-50

Recruitment Sectors
Digital & Media Technology


  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Friday Drinks
  • Startup

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