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Gambit Search

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About us

Gambit Search is a specialist and proactive recruitment consultancy. We identify the very best talent within the corporate advisory market using our extensive network and recruitment expertise.

We advise candidates to make the right strategic career move and partner with our clients to help secure the best talent to take them to the next level. We connect industry professionals through both formal and informal recruitment processes across the UK as well as overseas in the Caribbean, Channel Islands and Europe.

Our main areas of expertise are within insolvency, financial restructuring, and corporate finance. We are proud to operate in niche advisory markets as we feel our knowledge, values and overall approach allows for total dedication to achieving maximum results.

Our biggest satisfaction is in adding true value and we are committed to being a brand known for excellence and delivery in corporate advisory recruitment.

We started this business as two experienced recruiters from different cultural backgrounds that share a common vision: to build a diverse recruitment consultancy that places emphasis on inclusion and opportunities for all.

This above all else forms the foundations of Gambit Search and we pledge to work in partnership with our candidates and clients to help continue building diverse and dynamic teams.

We look forward to you being part of the Gambit Search journey. 

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