Published: 14 days ago
dSb Recruitment

Business Manager at dSb Recruitment

  • Agency Recruitment
  • 360 Recruiter
  • Perm Desk
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Retail & FMCG
  • Sales
  • Location
  • Annual Salary
  • Experience Level
    Mid level

Job Summary


You will be a 360' recruiter with enough experience and enough of a network to back yourself outside of your current environment.

You may be currently frustrated by office politics, geographical or sector constraints. 

You may well be wondering where the other 90% of your billings goes. 

You may have been climbing the management ladder and come to the conclusion that you prefer recruiting to managing, prefer the client and candidate relationship building to the endless team meetings and performance reviews. 

You probably feel that you could get more from your relationships if you were just allowed to do the right thing...

You might therefore be thinking about doing it for yourself until you realise:

There's no salary.

Your first fee might take a couple of months, then the candidate needs to give 3 months notice, then there's 30 days payment terms and you still can't spend the fee because they're still in rebate...

Job boards, linked in licences and insurances cost money.

It may be lonely with no-one to talk to and bounce ideas off.


We're people like you. 

We're experienced recruiters who want the autonomy and the trust to do what's right for the client.

We want to work the hours we need to, not what someone else wants you to.

We want to focus on the 1 KPI that actually means something: placements.

We want to keep more of what we bill.

The Role:

Working remotely, you will own your own space (sector/geography) and be tasked with building on your existing relationships and expertise to maximise your own earning potential.

You'll get together with the rest of the team every fortnight in London for a conflab, some 'office time' and for some good old-fashioned social interaction and the odd drink.
If some of this or all of this resonates with you, then dSb Recruitment could be the place to increase your earnings, with a balanced lifestyle, with a fun and supportive environment and with honesty and openness all around you.