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About us

We are a specialist search firm focussing on Cyber Security, Infrastructure, and Data. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining relationships with c-level executives and the most exceptional technologists at market-leading fintechs all over the world. 

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Financial Benefits

Strong base salary dependant on past performance.

  • Visible Commission Structure

    We think our commission scheme is unbeatable, with our top billers taking home 40% of the fee (no hidden deductions, like desk fees etc.). We work with some of the most amazing fintech companies worldwide where the fees can top £150,000.

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    Our people

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    Olly Hopping
    Senior Consultant

    Olly joined us during the pandemic and is one of the team who works 100% remote. He brought a wealth of experience in tech recruitment in the USA and has gone from strength to strength in the past year, consistently making a number of high-value placements.

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    Network Automation Engineer with a world-leading hedge fund in a core team which builds their software and network infrastructure. Focus on automation projects and developing tools in Python to be used by multiple teams.  or click the link in our main profile.

#engineer #networkautomation #londonjobs #jobs #careerApril 13, 1909, Mathematics Pioneer Ulam Born.

Stan Ulam, a mathematician who did early theoretical work on the use of computers in mathematics, is born in Poland. Ulam teaches at Harvard and the University of Wisconsin before joining the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where he meets John von Neumann. There, Ulam and von Neumann discuss using computers to understand questions of pure mathematics. Based on the ENIAC experience, Ulam suggested to von Neumann that neutron diffusion and related chain reactions were natural applications and just as quickly outlined a procedure to implement the notion.

#otdih #onthisday #mathematics #ENIAC #Neutron #Manhattanproject  #tech #retrotech #Harvard #computerhistoryApril 12, 1981, HP-41 calculator used in Space.

The HP-41 calculator is used on board NASA's first space shuttle flight. The HP-41 allowed astronauts to calculate the exact angle at which they needed to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere.

#otdih #spacetravel #onthisday #calculator #NASA #HP41Searching for a new tech challenge?  We work with many of the finest tech-driven firms worldwide, across SRE, Network Engineering, Cyber Security, Development, Blockchain, and much more! Discover your next career move with Techfellow. or click the link in our main profile.

#techcareers #careerchange #jobs #careers #blockchain #development #cybersecurity #SRE #DevopsApril 11, 1936, German Computer Designer Zuse Files for Patent.

German computer pioneer Konrad Zuse files for a patent for the automatic execution of calculations, a process he invents while working on what would become the Z-1, Germany's first computer. In the patent application, Zuse offers the first discussion of programmable memory, using the term "combination memory" to describe breaking programs down into bit combinations for storage. This is the first device to calculate in binary with translation to decimal. Zuse goes on to build a series of computers.

#otdih #onthisday #patent #retrotech #computerhistory #storage #computermemoryApril 10, 1981, Shuttle Launch Delayed.

During preparations for the maiden voyage of the Columbia space shuttle, NASA engineers were monitoring a glitch in the shuttle’s computer systems. Synchronization between the main and backup AP-101 flight control computers was found to be the culprit behind the bug. Two gears were discovered to be out-of-sync – and repair would take at least a day to resolve the problem. Liftoff was re-scheduled for two days later, and countdown and launch on April 12 proceeded with no further setbacks. Columbia landed safely at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert after orbiting Earth 34 times. NASA’s five space shuttles each housed 4 IBM AP-101 computers, with a fifth serving as a backup flight system computer. The AP-101s were built around transistor-transistor logic (TTL) semiconductor circuits and used the same architecture as the IBM System/360 family of computers. An earlier version of the AP-101 was first announced by IBM in 1966 as the 4Pi computer.

#otdih #onthisday #IBM #computerhistory #retrotech #NASA #columbia #USAFSRE role in Dublin with a global hedge fund who've built one of most sophisticated SRE functions in finance, remaining true to the Google SRE model. Click the link on our profile page now to learn more about this exceptional opportunity!

#SRE #sitereliabilityengineer #reliabilityengineering #itinfrastructure #dublinjobs #techjobs #fintechjobs #dublinjobs #dublin #dublintech #Google #financeApril 9, 1943, ENIAC Contract Signed.

The contract is signed between the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of Electrical Engineering and the US Army to build the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC), a machine capable of the then-remarkable speed of 5,000 additions per second. ENIAC was shrouded in wartime secrecy since its main purpose was to compute "firing tables" for artillery shells. Before ENIAC, this was done by women (called "computers") working in large groups and using mechanical desktop calculators. ENIAC was not completed until after the war (February 1946) but a generation of computer designers learned from its design and from the summer course given by Eckert and Mauchly at the Moore School between July and August of that same year. ENIAC could solve a wide range of general purpose computing problems and was also used for classified military projects, including preliminary calculations for the US hydrogen bomb.

#ENIAC #computerhistory #USArmy #mooreschool #technology #techApril 8, 1991, Java Development Begins in Earnest.

On this day, Sun's Java team moves from Sun Microsystems to work in secret on its "Oak" development project (later re-named Java).

#java #oak #sunmicrosystems #code #scripting #otdih #onthisday
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