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NextLink is a global leader and the fastest growing next-generation provider of IT, BPO and digital services. We are a team of experienced IT practitioners, outstanding engineers, and innovative team members with a deep-rooted passion for automation. We strive to deliver the best possible solutions using digital technologies and targeted talent sourcing. We enable man-machine collaboration, solve complex business problems, and combine human creativity and intellect with powerful algorithms.      Our Vision:   To be the most reliable one-stop-shop for high quality technology services delivered within a collaborative empowerment culture.      Our Values:   • Customer Focus – Our customers are at the centre of everything we do.   • Passion – We are passionate about delivering innovative, high quality services to our customers and our teams.   • Collaboration – We work together with our customers, our partners and in our organisation to always achieve the best results. Together we are stronger.   • Empowerment – We empower and enable our people to make things happen.   • Flexibility – We are flexible and adaptable in our ways of thinking and working. We make the impossible possible.      An Overview of our Services:      TECHNOLOGY:   • Enterprise Application Services   • SAP   • Microsoft • Salesforce   • ServiceNow   • Infrastructure Services   • AWS   • Oracle      CONSULTING:   • Technology Consulting   • Enterprise Application Transformation Services   • Mobility and Workplace Services      OPERATIONS:   • Targeted talent sourcing   • Business Process Services      DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION:   • Mobility   • Data Sciences & Analytics   • Cloud   • Internet of Things   • Machine Learning Solutions   • Robotics Process Automation   • Artificial Intelligence   • Blockchain   • Digital Health Solutions  

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NextLink is a European Technology Consultancy, who support our clients as an advisor. We supply the talent necessary to drive projects for large scale growth in large international businesses. NextLink have established strong relationships with both our clients and technical contractors to make sure we are in the best place to serve them both with mutual benefits.

As a senior position the responsibilities will be commercial and varied. Some of the responsibilities will include training team members, leading inbound requirements from our clients (including quality control) and being consulted on how to commercially push the organisation forward.

The ideal candidate will exceed in this position if they are able to successfully aid recruiting efforts and fulfilling the clients needs by matching clients with open the company's recruiting needs. In order to do so the candidate has to be able to source and qualify leads that will meet the company's crite