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Zensho Agency

Your freedom. Our potential.
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About us

Zensho Agency is an exclusive, remote-first, technology-driven brokerage leading the global recruitment rebellion. Authentic and present, they're a tribe that has grown together through a genuine desire for collective success. Including yours. Why do they do it better? Because the truth is, those who enjoy liberation, empowerment, and maximum rewards make the most trusted advisors to the people they serve.
Our Story
In 2016, after thirteen years at the helm of Zensho, our Founder & CEO Robin Doenicke sensed a growing frustration within the recruitment community. The traditional way of engaging and rewarding recruiters was no longer relevant in the postmodern digital age. After extensive research and meditation on the problem, he was struck by lightning from an unlikely source: the US real estate industry. Top performers in the high-end New York City market were flocking to a new agent-centric breed of brokerage where they could have it all: a world-class brand, unrivaled platform, and maximum returns. Why couldn’t the same be done in recruitment?

Well, it can. It’s happening.

We are Zensho Agency, and ours is a story the market has been waiting to hea-

Welcome to the new KPI: Freedom
Zensho Agency recruiters enjoy the most progressive culture in the industry. No 9-to-5 office hours, production quotas, or other prehistoric nonsense. Just stellar reputation. Cool peers. Harmony. Laughter.

Recruitment focus

  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Banking & FS
  • Consultancy & Advisory
  • Digital & Media
  • Legal
  • Pharma & Life Science
  • Power, Nuclear & Renewables

Perks and culture

  • Financial Benefits

  • Health & Wellness

  • Flexible Working

  • Office Environment

  • Socials and Incentives

  • Learning & Development

  • Time Off

  • Friday Vibes

  • Management Style

  • Business Support

Financial Benefits

We don't burden you with a salary (nor the heavy chain that comes with it.) You get 70-90% commission on every deal. Simple.

  • Visible Commission Structure

  • Business Equity or Options

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    Our Offices

      Akasaka 2-9-2-3F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052
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    Giving Back. One deal at a time. We empower our people to pay it forward. And they do. One deal at a time.

    Andean mountain communities like the Q’ero of Peru understand reciprocity not as the Western idea of quid pro quo, but rather as the most important of life principles. Ayni, broadly defined, is the exchange of energy between humans, nature and the universe. It benefits all.

    We appreciate this symbiosis. Recruitment has given us extraordinary opportunities and success, and in the spirit of Ayni we are determined to share our abundance with those in need, whether they live next door or on the other side of the globe.
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