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Zensho Agency is an innovative, technology-driven brokerage leading the global recruitment rebellion. Authentic and present, they're a tribe that has grown together through a genuine desire for collective success. Including yours. Why do they do it better? Because the truth is, those who enjoy liberation, empowerment, and maximum rewards make the most trusted advisors to the people they serve.

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Recruitment Sectors
Accountancy & FinanceBanking & FSConsultancy & AdvisoryDigital & MediaLegalPharma & Life SciencePower, Nuclear & RenewablesTechnology

An exclusive technology-driven brokerage leading the global recruitment rebellion. United. Independent. Tribe. Your freedom. Our potential.

Welcome to the new KPI: Freedom

Welcome to the new KPI: Freedom
Zensho Agency recruiters enjoy the most progressive culture in the industry. No 9-to-5 office hours, production quotas, or other prehistoric nonsense. Just stellar reputation. Cool peers. Harmony. Laughter.

REWARDS We don't burden you with a salary (nor the heavy chain that comes with it.) You get 70-90% commission on every deal. Simple.

The market’s best AI-driven database, complemented by an integrated suite of apps that free you to work, and source, from anywhere in the world. 

Proven turnkey plug-and-play system and personalized branding and social media support to maximize your success and star power.

Up your game with regular 'performance clinics,' and complimentary executive coaching by our CEO and ICF-credentialed coach, Robin Doenicke. 

Our award-winning reputation opens doors. Live completely as a member of our dynamic tribe.

Ready to realize your worth? Come join the rebellion.

Finally. It's about you.

Finally. It's about you.

Zensho Agency rebels have forged a community that’s unique in the industry. Having cast off the fear that cloaks corporate daily life, we’re free to look ourselves in the mirror and each other in the eye. To be whole. Present. Vibrant and engaged. Our collective resonance awakens a deeper purpose, one that transcends our limited identity as recruiters and takes us beyond the deal to a simple truth: our fulfillment depends on yours.

Our reason for being is simple: Freedom It defines who we are as recruiters, empowering us to achieve the things in life that matter most. It also fuels how we live.

Your why. Driven by ours.

You subscribe to everything else... Why not your business?

You subscribe to everything else...

Why not your business?

If you don’t subscribe to your recruitment practice, you own a job. Online movies, the gym, corporate services… In subscription there’s choice. For a nominal connection fee you gain exclusive access to our club, where membership brings major return on investment. And not just cash. You earn big in your personal and business life as well.

Your why. Driven by ours.

We operate under the rare belief that our people come first. The mission: to liberate.

With us you get the freedom to develop your practice, and a platform tricked out with all the cutting-edge tech a recruitment 007 could wish for. Are you a cosmopolitan suit strutting your Armani stuff downtown? Digital nomad making rain from a Bedouin camp in the Sahara? Whoever and wherever you are, you’ve got the access and support you need to get the deal done. And we’re right there with you.

At Zensho Agency you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

A rebel is one who lives totally according to his own light, and risks everything else for his ultimate value of freedom. – Osho

On our way to clean up at the Recruitment International Awards!

We empower our people to pay it forward. And they do. One deal at a time.

Do the Math!

Giving Back. One deal at a time.

We empower our people to pay it forward. And they do. One deal at a time.

Andean mountain communities like the Q’ero of Peru understand reciprocity not as the Western idea of quid pro quo, but rather as the most important of life principles. Ayni, broadly defined, is the exchange of energy between humans, nature and the universe. It benefits all.

We appreciate this symbiosis. Recruitment has given us extraordinary opportunities and success, and in the spirit of Ayni we are determined to share our abundance with those in need, whether they live next door or on the other side of the globe.

Recruitment International Awards

Everyone says they’re the best. But don’t take our word for it.

Launched in late 2016, our new disruptive ‘blue ocean’ paradigm won two trophies at the 2018 Recruitment International Awards, Asia:

The Best Company To Work For
The Best Newcomer – Rising Star

In 2019, our Founder and CEO Robin Doenicke earned the most coveted honor of all:

Business Leader Of The Year

The industry is stacked with talent and fiercely competitive, so to bring home three of the most coveted “Rs with Stars” truly validates the difference we’re making. We feel honored. We also feel confident the buzz will keep growing for years to come.

Zensho was recognized as Japan’s Legal Recruitment Company of the Year at the inaugural Recruitment International Asia Awards in 2014. We received the same award in 2015 and again in 2016.

Yes, we’re happy to add to our hardware shelf, but more important to us is the industry’s confirmation that we’re not just doing recruitment differently. We’re doing it right.

Do the Math!

Free laptop. Coffees. Base salary and you’re being groomed for manager. Why would anyone want to give up all those perks and reimbursements? Because they’re actually just distractions from the secret ledger. That’s life at Company B: the more you crush it, the more they crush you.

You’re playing on borrowed money. And the house always wins.

At Zensho Agency, you get paid like a boss: 70-90% commission on every deal. Our astronomical compensation plan reflects the value our recruiters provide their clients and candidates, and everyone who joins our tribe is a partner from day one. Ready to realize your worth?

It’s time to turn the tables. Your deal.

Our Story

Our Story

In 2016, after thirteen years at the helm of Zensho, our Founder & CEO Robin Doenicke sensed a growing frustration within the recruitment community. The traditional way of engaging and rewarding recruiters was no longer relevant in the postmodern digital age. After extensive research and meditation on the problem, he was struck by lightning from an unlikely source: the US real estate industry. Top performers in the high-end New York City market were flocking to a new agent-centric breed of brokerage where they could have it all: a world-class brand, unrivaled platform, and maximum returns. Why couldn’t the same be done in recruitment?

Well, it can. It’s happening.

We are Zensho Agency, and ours is a story the market has been waiting to hear.

"Zensho" - Living Completely

Wim Hof Adventure in the Nagano Tundra

Sub-zero temperatures. The middle of winter. We got this!

Living Completely

Zenshō means “living completely.” The inspiration for our name comes from Tesshū Yamaoka (1836-1888), a man of selfless action who played an influential role in Japan’s restoration of the Emperor Meiji in 1868. He is better known, however, as a calligraphist and martial artist. Tesshū established the Mutō-ryū sword school and later in life founded a hermitage named Zenshō-an. It still exists in Tokyo’s Taitō Ward.

"Best Newcomer" & "Best Small Company" at the RI Awards!

Zensho Agency

Key Info

Industry Recruitment/Search
Headquarters London
Company Size 21-50

Recruitment Sectors
Accountancy & Finance Banking & FS Consultancy & Advisory Digital & Media Legal Pharma & Life Science Power, Nuclear & Renewables Technology


  • Work From Home
  • 100% Remote
  • Actively Hiring Now
  • Back Office Support
  • Company Wide Trips
  • KPI Free
  • Award Winning
  • Beer Fridge
  • Business Equity
  • Established 10+ Years
  • Investment in Tech
  • Recruiter Licence
  • £500k Biller
  • £1m Biller
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Visible Commission Structure
  • Dress Down
  • Unlimited Holidays
  • Great L&D
  • Friday Drinks
  • Fast Growth
  • Exceptional Retention

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