Senior Recruitment Consultant at Belsberg

€34,000 - €34,000

Annual Basic Salary
Amsterdam, Netherlands
< 10
Agency Recruitment

What Hunted Says

Located in Amsterdam, Belsberg is the only staffing agency in the Benelux focused purely on Digital HR / HCM. You'll be able to work alongside the two founders, Thomas and Thomas, who have over 10 years combined experience in recruitment. Included with your competitive commission structure, you'll have a extra long lunch to take advantage of your free gym membership. You'll also have a free bike membership, quarterly incentives, regular team activities. You'll be working with some of the top clients in HR and HCM and have a clear progression structure so that you can grow quickly with the business.

Desk Focus

Permanent Roles


HR & RecruitmentTechnology

About Us

Founded in 2018, Belsberg is the result of a life long dream to create and develop our own business. In our previous lives, we met while both working at Oliver James. we moved to Belgium for a bit to run the business, but ultimately decided on Amsterdam. We went live in January 2019 and now are the only staffing agency in the Benelux focused purely on Digital HR / HCM. This year we are looking to grow the team exponentially. As one of the first hires on the team, you'll be able to work closely with us and potentially manage your own team very soon.

Why HCM Cloud and HR Transformation?

Working in the Change & Transformation space for over 8 years, we saw companies invested heavily in client-facing digitalization, but really lagged on their internal digitalization. This lead to us to explore market opportunities for internal digitalisation who are helping to make the internal employee experience and process smooth, digital, and scalable. We found that no other staffing agency in the Benelux is purely focused on Digital HR & HR Transformation. HR departments have often been the last in line when it comes to internal budgets for these kind of projects, so there is a massive demand. We are the #1 agency now in the Benelux focused on this market and have strong reputation in both the SAP SuccessFactors as well as the Workday space. However, we remain independent vendor-agnostic advisors can also help clients on Oracle HCM, Cornerstone OnDemand, RAET, AFAS, PeopleSoft and other systems.


✅ You'll work closely with two very experienced recruiters (the founders) and get to learn from them first hand ✅ Extra-long lunch break (1h30min) for gym sessions - gym is paid by Belsberg ✅ VanMoof lease bike for your commute ✅ Quarterly incentives ✅ Very solid training plan with quick progression to senior positions ✅ Possible equity in the company ✅ Regular team activities (bootcamps, workshops, football game, etc.). ✅ Prestigious office in the center of Amsterdam (coming July 2020) ✅ Strong commission structure and earning potential.

Commission Scheme

► 0-5K: 5% (250 EUR) ► 5 - 10k:10% (500 EUR) ► 10 - 15k: 15% (750 EUR) ► 15k: 22,5% (5625 EUR) ► 40K: 30% (UNCAPPED)

Future Plans

We are looking at 2020 as our growth year. We invested our own money in this firm and built up the runner-book in 2019. HCM is our spearhead and we will continue our development of that desk, following this we'll develop the Finance Cloud desk, on the longer term, we will have specialized teams focused on 1) HR Cloud 2) Finance Cloud 3) Supply Chain Cloud 4) CRM etc. Building out a specialist cloud software and transformation staffing business with micro-specialist teams on the inside, making sure we can deliver faster and better than any other competitor. Want to join us?!

The Opportunity

▶︎Netwerken en screenen van ervaren consultants; ▶︎Headhunting van nieuwe kandidaten waarbij je je eigen "approach strategy" kan toepassen; ▶︎Kandidaten matchen met interessante consultancy opdrachten; ▶︎Onderhouden contact met klanten en bestaande kandidaten; ▶︎Onze talent pool uitbreiden, nieuwe kandidaten aan ons binden, hun profiel begrijpen en een relatie met hen opbouwen; ▶︎Onderhandelen met kandidaten om te zorgen dat we competitieve voorstellen aan onze klanten kunnen overmaken.