Managing Consultant at Soap

£35,000 - £60,000

Annual Basic Salary
London, UK
Agency Recruitment

What Hunted Says

Soap are Cyber Security specialists, working with some of the most successful technology vendors from around the globe. And for forward thinking recruiters, there’s the option to try something a bit different here. We don’t just mean an early finish on a Friday either. Although how does downing tools at noon sound? Their unique “TaaS” service has Soap consultants working either onsite or virtually, as an extension of their client’s TA teams. Which'll give you an insight into how much of an impact all the recruiting you do actually has. And bumping into candidates in the corridors unlocks a new level of job satisfaction. Recruitment’s changed. Check out how much, at Soap’s studios in Shoreditch and Brighton.

Desk Focus

Permanent Roles


Cyber SecurityTechnicalTechnology

London - Managing Consultant

SOAP works with the most successful cyber-security technology vendors from around the globe. We are however exploring new markets and invite leaders to join our business and steer new ventures. We are certain that more markets can benefit from our fresh approach and you will have a tremendous impact. Our unique TaaS service allows us to work with companies as an extension of their TA team in a more harmonious and collaborative way. Working internally allows us to experience firsthand the impact that our recruitment has. Meeting candidates in the corridors bring a new dimension to job satisfaction. The prerequisites - 5+ years' experience - Candidate lead technology market - Experience with headhunting techniques - Deliver or 360 experience welcome What are we looking for in the person: - Fun and happy personality - Desire to make an impact on the industry - Appreciation of self-value - Ambitious and hard-working - A want to continue to learn and grow

Whats different about SOAP

These are some of the things that help our consultants achieve better results and have fun. 12pm FRIDAY FINISH Our consultants enjoy an extra-long weekend with a 12pm finish on a Friday. NO KPIs We work closely with our consultants to analyse data and identify areas of improvement. We do not set generic company-wide KPIs QUALITY CONTROL We do not work portal driven or low-quality roles. Our roles are retained, exclusive or TaaS. CUTTING EDGE TOOLS We have invested in the leading tools and platforms to help our consultants streamline their process and maximise their impact. COLLABORATION There are no silos in our business, everyone shares clients, candidates and information. If we all give we all gain. Our 180 model means that multiple consultants are working with the same client.