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Cyber SecuritySalesTechnology

Talent-Acquisition- as-a-Service Work internally or virtually for amazing technology companies as an extension of their TA team. Recruitment has changed

We value potential more than experience

The view from our office


"Culture is at the core of every high performing business Our philosophy is that by changing your ability to ATTRACT, PROCESS and RETAIN top talent, you will transform your company’s performance. We challenge traditional recruitment models and enhance them with more inclusive campaigns to appeal to more diverse pools. It is time to go beyond the perception of what recruitment companies can do. We utilise technology, social platforms and all the tools to help you gain the edge."

Brighton Studio

We operate a 180 model - Account managers and customer success consultants get the recognition they deserve

Shoreditch Studio

The Early Days :)


Key Info

Industry Recruitment/Search
Headquarters Brighton
Company Size 11-20

Recruitment Sectors
Cyber Security Sales Technology


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