Client Services & Sales Recruitment Consultant at Discovered

د.إ120,000 - د.إ216,000

Annual Basic Salary
Dubai, U.A.E
< 10
Agency Recruitment

What Hunted Says

What's the point in moving to a new country, if you've never got time to explore it? That's the view of Dubai based, tech agency Discovered. As standard each of their consultants can work one day a week from home, has flexibility over their start/finish times, can choose the five days they work in the week, and - most impressively - can work completely remotely for extended period of time. Recent examples include one consultant working a month from Bali, and one working a month in Thailand. It's a big world, get out and see it.

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Who are we?

We're a leading tech, digital and ecommerce agency, based in Dubai. We're a hands on extension to each of our clients - working on a project basis to find them the best candidates. No one operates with the speed, expertise and success that we do. Our whole ethos is - there's no point being based in somewhere as great as Dubai if you don't get chance to see it. This is why we offer: - Flexible start/finish times. - One day from home each week. - Flexible choice of days worked. - Remote working. - Apple kit. - 30 days leave. - Tax free location. - Huge yearly incentives. - No threshold commission. - Weekly training.

Who are you?

If you're an expert in sales or client services, we'd love to chat. You know how buoyant the market is at the moment, and it's no different in MENA too. You might be thinking about a relocation to Dubai, and want to work for a company that offers full flexibility to explore. You might already be in Dubai, and not enjoy your work/life balance. You're a proven biller and brilliant at building relationships. You sell socially, rather than pounding the phones. Either way, it would be great to tell you more.

Our specialisms.

Each of our consultants focuses on a specific tech niche. These include: - Client Services & Sales - Cloud & DevOps - Creative, UI & UX - Cybersecurity - Data & Analytics - Digital & Social Media - E-Commerce - Senior Appointments - Tech and Development The great thing about our specialisms is that while we keep the niche tight (to make sure we're experts in our field), there's no geographical restrictions. Bringing a network from the UK, wider Europe or the US? Great news - of course you can still work with them. At the same time, we'll help you get up and running in the MENA market too.

Work from *anywhere*.

But how are you going to see all these places when you need to work? You know work doesn't have to mean an office, right? Our consultants can work from anywhere in the world, as we offer a fully remote set up (Apple kit of course). We've recently had consultants spend a month in Bali, a month in Thailand and a month in the US. So if you're itching to see the world, then that's not an issue. On the flip, if you want to go and explore and don't want to take your laptop with you, that's fine. We offer 30 days holiday a year so you've got a lot to play with.

Dubai is a tax free!

You probably know this, but just in case: You don't pay income tax in Dubai. Hold on, we'll say that again: **You pay zero tax on your income in Dubai.** So, if you were on £40k basic in the UK. Your actual gross take-home after income tax and NI would be just over £30k. In Dubai it would be, well... £40k. Oh, consumer prices in London are also 21% higher than Dubai too.

And commission?

We're all about giving recruiters a big slice of what they bill. We don't have a threshold on billings, meaning you're earning on every penny. If you pulled the role yourself then you're getting 20% of the deal. If you pull a role that someone else in the business could fill better than you, then the commission gets split 10% each. This breakdown means you're always working your area of expertise, without missing your rewards for top work.