Technology Consultant at ASR Recruitment

A$60,000 - A$90,000

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Newcastle, NSW, Australia
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Agency Recruitment

What Hunted Says

ASR Recruitment is based in the Newcastle- just 2 hours from Sydney CBD, with miles of glorious coastline and wonderfully affordable property- they’re the ultimate career destination for Consultants who want to escape the city life grind and redress the balance. There’s no shortage of hard graft and high performance (this is recruitment after all) but think weekly training with sand between your toes, appraisals on a surf board and spa massages on the tougher days. MD Alex Brennan says ASR ‘is an honest, human recruitment business- not a KPI driven robot factory’. Music to your ears? We haven’t even started on the annual & quarterly bonus scheme (on top of commission), additional annual leave and holiday incentives. This is how a career in Recruitment should look!

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Hot Desk

ASR maintains a strong presence in the Technology sector, boasting established relationships with the likes of NIB, the University of Newcastle, the Port of Newcastle, ARTC, Mudbath, Pegasus and Newcastle City Council to name a few.

Due to the resignation of one of our Senior Consultants, who has been a valued and well-loved member of the team since our third month of operation, we are seeking a specialist IT Consultant with sound knowledge of the sector to join us in her place.

Only experienced consultants with technical expertise in a range of mid to senior-level Technology roles will be considered, so please get in touch, we look forward to speaking with you.  

The incumbent specialised in Development, Data Architecture, PM and BA roles, so opportunity abounds in these areas provided you can establish your technical expertise quickly and deliver on similarly hard to fill roles.

If you have knowledge and networks in different areas of technology you are welcome to pursue those.

Al and Jess

Wolfie the Office Dog

Liz, our newest member of the team

Team Culture

As our company name suggests, ASR is a business built on values - Authentic, Scrupulous, Reputable.

We are a business with purpose. Apart from helping candidates realise their career potential, and businesses grow their teams, we exist in order to improve the commercial and societal fabric of our home town, Newcastle.

We enjoy socialising, but as we are a mature team, many of us with children, it is within reason. Life isn't all about boozing, but we LOVE to celebrate a win and are sometimes guilty of commiserating our colleagues over the tough losses too.

That said, we appreciate how living healthy can promote performance and good mental health. 

Our proximity to the beach means most lunchtimes (when there is swell!) see Alex surfing Newcastle or Bar Beach. The rest of the team work out regularly, take walks at lunch, and enjoy the beneifts of living in a beautiful coastal town.

Ben, our Senior Finance guru

The ASR Team dreaming of when The Rona is Over!

What makes us any different from the rest?

Apart from living our values every day, ASR has been built to serve a purpose. A purpose that extends beyond making money. Slapping high fives. Beating the competition.

All of those things are elements of what make a recruitment business a fun place to work and a successful place to build a career, but there is more to the puzzle when you want a sustainable, long-serving, engaged and committed team.

Our purpose is to build a community of ethical, hard-working, committed professionals in different companies and different industries that will make Newcastle a better place. We align ourselves with organisations whose values align with our own, who do work that promotes Newcastle as a great destination to visit or to live, and who lift up our community in a sustainable, ethical, honest way.

We want to improve lives, our own and our stakeholder's, and live in our own little slice of paradise.


Being located in Newcastle, the city closest the the east coasts largest coal deposits, much of the industry in our town is mining related.

Liz is our Engineering specialist and she works with a range of multi-disciplinary engineering consultancies, civil construction firms and building services specialists...among others. Then there is Ben, our Accounting and Finance specialist, who counts some of the larger coal miners like Glencore and Yancoal among his client list, along with for purpose organisations such as Life Without Barriers and Lifestyle Solutions. Jess is our Marketing and Communications gun, who works with Enigma, RMS, TfNSW and the Port of Newcastle. Alex is the Construction recruiter who works with the likes of Bloc, Richard Crookes Constructions, Hansen Yuncken, Built and Core Project Group.

Technology has three very good consultants in the whole of Newcastle, among literally thousands of vacancies and hiring managers. The world is your oyster, shuck it and enjoy!