Principal Consultant - Finance at Ernest Hunter Green

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£40,000 - £60,000

Annual Basic Salary
London, UK
Agency Recruitment

Job Summary

We're looking for experienced consultants that recruit mid-senior level Finance & Accountancy positions within the Technology industry vertical. We've created a working culture which enables you to manage your work in your own way. You'll work autonomously but in a collaborative environment, enabled by technology.


We are experienced recruiters who know our markets. So we decided to create a company of like-minded individuals who are specialists in their field and don’t need KPI driven business environments to be successful. We don't believe that this type of experience needs any form of hand holding so everyone is given full autonomy to run their desk the way they want. Support from our leadership team is on hand at any time that it is required. We operate a collaborative working culture where ideas, leads, contacts, networks and clients are openly discussed and shared when appropriate. You would have a sales target which is 4 times your base salary and that would be your only statistical objective. If for some reason it's proving challenging then we will explore the reasons as to why, discuss these and develop a plan to overcome them.

Relationship Driven

All we ask is that you have a relationship based approach, that you connect with our values and that you are excited by joining a business on a journey of growth. Our Values: Honest & Passionate Brave & Tenacious Challenging & Human We approach our role with our Brand Values at the heart of everything, we believe in them and the positive effects they have in the world of recruitment. Whether it is brutal honesty surrounding awkward client or candidate feedback, standing firm on our fees and walking away from business when we deem it appropriate, or advising and guiding our clients and candidates down a path they hadn't considered going before. We truly believe in a relationship based, genuine consultative approach underpinned by our values.


The technology we use enables us to work from wherever we want, be it at home or at regular team meet ups in town. When joining you'll receive a ultrabook, iphone, printer and a few other gadgets to enable you to work effectively. We give everyone a LinkedIn recruiter license with InMails and advertising slots, we are constantly investigating additional advertising platforms and databases also, currently using REED. All our software is cloud based so you can use it wherever you have connectivity. We use Skype for Business for regular face to face conversations and our remote support team are on hand to tackle any issues that arise at all.

Commission Structure

20% of your base salary is your monthly threshold. Once you've billed that then you go on to the scheme below: Up To £20,000 25% Over £20,000 30% Once you go over £200k for the year then you get 40% of everything you bill minus your threshold. Once you go over £300k for the year then you get 50% of everything you bill - no thresholds. There are no rolling thresholds so if you have a bad month then you start again the next month. Our benefits scheme includes an unlimited holiday allowance (no catch, although we do insist you take at least 20 days), private healthcare and some softer benefits such as phone insurance, taste card and a variety of discounts through one of our providers. We run regular ad-hoc reward and incentive schemes which are constantly changing but tend to revolve around eating and drinking!