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Ernest Hunter Green are a forward thinking company that offer a truly unique employee value proposition- remote working 100% of the time. You can work from home, a coffee shop, a beach... all of the time. Wherever works for you. And while doing that you'll get a support structure surrounded (virtually) by highly experienced Recruiters. Specialising in Sales, Marketing and Finance and Accounting. This level of flexibility puts focus on results and this culture is perfect for proven performers. Ernest Hunter Green are Recruiting in your local area now- wherever that is.

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Recruitment Sectors
Accountancy & FinanceDigital & MediaHospitality & LeisureHR & RecruitmentLegalMarketingPR & CommunicationsProperty & ConstructionRetail & FMCGSalesTechnologyTelecommunications

Wellbeing is important to us

Removing the daily commute gives everyone free time that they probably haven't had before and we encourage using some of it to look after yourself. Our 'Virtual Running Club' (runners, walkers and swimmers all partake) gives challenges on a weekly basis and has seen people covering more miles than they could have ever dreamed of. We encourage people to manage their work in their own time around their own life. Everyone has a target to hit of course but that's it, you're not measured on anything else. So if you need to do the school run, get to football training, get your shopping done or just put your feet up for a bit then there is no reason why you can't do it.

EHG Winter Run - For Mind in Mid-Herts

Truly Flexible Working Environment

You can work wherever and however you want. We give you the tools to do your job and it's up to you how you go about doing it (keep it legal though!). Everyone gets an iPhone, an Ultrabook, a few other gadgets and gizmos and they're away. All our software is cloud based so you can access the CRM and all your files no matter where you are providing you've got internet access. We work from home, various business lounges and hotels, respectable cafes or bars - wherever we need to be to meet people. We utilise the Institute of Directors and the Perk Box 'Happiness Hub' for days together as a team and when we're not together we use Skype for business to communicate and collaborate. We've seen levels of happiness, sleep, family time and social life increase as well as our overall productivity which has given us lots of happy clients, consultants and candidates to boot!

We're a Values Based Business

Honest & Passionate Brave & Tenacious Challenging & Human We approach our role with our Brand Values at the heart of everything, we believe in them and the positive effects they have in the world of recruitment. Whether it is brutal honesty surrounding awkward client or candidate feedback, standing firm on our fees and walking away from business when we deem it appropriate, or advising and guiding our clients and candidates down a path they hadn't considered going before. We truly believe in a genuine consultative approach underpinned by our values.

Anyone fancy a day at the races?

Laura Deegan - Co Founder and Director

Laura places senior level Marketing and Communications professionals into the Property and wider Professional Services space. Laura's also the driving force behind EHG's virtual running club but enjoys a glass of wine or two on a Friday!

Sue Palmer

Sue has an extensive network of Finance professionals, having operated in that space for 2 decades, (she started young!) She enjoys the balance that working from home allows of running a business and family life.

Commission, Benefits and Incentives

Commission Structure: 20% of your base salary is your monthly threshold. Once you've billed that then you go on to the scheme below: Up To £20,000 25% Over £20,000 30% Once you go over £200k for the year then you get 40% of everything you bill minus your threshold. Once you go over £300k for the year then you get 50% of everything you bill - no thresholds. There are no rolling thresholds so if you have a bad month then you start again the next month. Our benefits scheme includes an unlimited holiday allowance (no catch, although we do insist you take at least 20 days), private healthcare, an RPS recruiter licence and some softer benefits such as phone insurance, taste card and a variety of discounts through one of our providers. We run regular ad-hoc reward and incentive schemes which are constantly changing but tend to revolve around eating and drinking!


Ernest Hunter Green operates a Skill Set + Industry Vertical specialism approach. We specialise in the following skill sets: Sales & Marketing Finance & Accounting Our key verticals at present are: Technology, Media and Telecoms Consumer - Retail, Travel and Leisure Professional Services, Construction & Engineering Financial Services

Happy Birthday Coops!

Working at Ernest Hunter Green

The people at EHG are highly experienced recruiters with an in depth knowledge of their market and skill set specialism. Most (but not all) of our consultants have 10+ years experience and are experts in their field. We don't believe that this type of experience needs any form of hand holding so everyone is given full autonomy to run their desk the way they want. Support from our leadership team is on hand at any time that it is required. We operate a collaborative working culture where ideas, leads, contacts, networks and clients are openly discussed and shared when appropriate. You would have a sales target which is 4 times your base salary and that would be your only statistical objective. If for some reason it's proving challenging then we will explore the reasons as to why, discuss these and develop a plan to overcome them which will get you back to where you want to be.

Elliott Sanderson

Elliott heads up our Consumer unit with a focus on placing senior level Marketing, Communications & Digital experts. We have never met another recruiter (or a human!) that can manage as many things simultaneously as him.

At the start line....Good Luck guys!

Alex Cooper

Alex places senior Sales, Marketing & Commercial leaders into high growth tech businesses. He loves his sports and is the king of our virtual running club.


We partner with and raise money for Mind in Mid-Herts, a local mental health charity in Hertfordshire. Not only are we able to support the great things that they do but the charity provide a service to assess businesses and provide advice and guidance that help to prevent issues relating to mental health in the workplace. This is a great value added service for us as business when talking to our clients.

Dan Shaw

Dan's been placing Marketing, Communications and Business Development candidates into the Professional Services sector for over 10 years, highly regarded in his sector as well as out of it. He also bakes a reasonable key lime pie.


We're small at the moment, there are 10 of us including the 4 Co-Founders. As we grow we intend for the people who are with us now and in the next 12 months to assume the roles of Directors within the business. Your role can evolve into a leadership position, building out a division or could see you progress in a dedicated pure fee earning role. In each case helping to develop the strategy for growth within the business. You have the opportunity to earn a stake in the business which is achieved through a share scheme so Directors of the business will have a genuine ownership as well as leadership role in the company

Thoughts from our staff - words by Dan Shaw

"I realised that I was doing exactly the same thing I had always done in an office – keying the same keys, using the same words, clicking the same buttons. Sure, I was doing it on my own terms and in my own environment, but I still had the same knowledge of my markets, the same network of candidates who would take my call, and the same access to LinkedIn and all the other online tools that I needed to do my job. Now I know that every industry is different, so I can only really speak for the recruitment sector here, but the essence of my job is to talk to people. I talk to people about themselves, I talk to people about other people, and I talk to people about great new roles that I can offer them. If my phone is mobile, I thought, why shouldn’t I be? I was fortunate to find an agency that shared my flexible outlook, and not every agency will do that. My advice is to put yourself first, work out what is really important in your life, and look for an employer who shares that vision."

David Howard-Jones

David recruits senior level Finance and Accountancy professionals within the London market with a key focus in the Real Estate sector.

Richard Johnson

Richard recruits Sales, Marketing, Research and Insight positions within the Technology, Media and Telecoms sector. He's a maestro in dealing with large, difficult to work with clients. Though he does save a bit for the smaller firms too!

Thoughts from our staff - words by Richard Johnson

"We all work better in different situations and at different times of the day. Not a morning person? Work late into the evening instead. Short attention span? Structure your day around productive bursts with breaks in between. Ruthlessly efficient? Start early, finish early. The business environment is yours to create. For me, I found the endless interruptions – “Tea anyone? Anyone see Game of Thrones last night?” often distracting. A quiet environment at times really does help focus the mind. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the shared experience of being in an office. But this is where our regular meet-ups in London and the power of the digital age comes into force. We use a messenger service to chat throughout the day – but I can turn it off if I need to concentrate. We Skype. We often phone each other to bounce ideas around. We have several centralised documents that we work from. We are part of a network, linked by technology, but free to structure our environment as we please."

Carly Symes

Carly works alongside Elliott recruiting Marketing & Digital professionals into the consumer space. She is our go to person for all things digital! She loves a team day out and a few drinks after work

Anyone seen Dan?

We love cake

Celebration time!

Team Professional Services!

They scrub up well don't they

Time for food!

Ernest Hunter Green

Key Info

Industry Recruitment/Search
Headquarters London
Company Size <10

Recruitment Sectors
Accountancy & Finance Digital & Media Hospitality & Leisure HR & Recruitment Legal Marketing PR & Communications Property & Construction Retail & FMCG Sales Technology Telecommunications


  • Business Equity
  • CSR
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible working hours
  • Hope You're Well
  • Private Healthcare
  • Unlimited Holidays
  • Visible Commission Structure
  • 100% Remote
  • Escape The City
  • Dress Down
  • KPI Free
  • Birthday Off
  • Recruit to Music
  • Female Leadership
  • Recruiter Licence

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