Wherever You Want! Birmingham

Truly Remote Working

You can work wherever and however you want. We give you the tools to do your job and it's up to you how you go about doing it (keep it legal though!). Everyone gets an iPhone, an Ultrabook, a few other gadgets and gizmos and they're away. All our software is cloud based so you can access the CRM and all your files no matter where you are providing you've got internet access. We work from home, various business lounges and hotels, respectable cafes or bars - wherever we need to be to meet people. We utilise the Institute of Directors and the Perk Box 'Happiness Hub' for days together as a team and when we're not together we use Skype for business to communicate and collaborate. We've seen levels of happiness, sleep, family time and social life increase as well as our overall productivity which has given us lots of happy clients, consultants and candidates to boot!