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Setting up on your own. Ugh. Think of all the HMRC and legal and financial and systems stuff you'd have to do first. So I guess you'll have to keep working for a company that only lets you see max 40% of your billings. Constantly funding someone else's dream. Well not any more. The Independent Recruiter Hub covers all the boring bit for you. So you can get set up and billing ASAP. Line your Monzo account with 70% of your commission. Plus with their referral scheme, you can take home an extra £5k per person you introduce to the IRH. Introduce 5 people and that's an addition £25k per year... on top of your own billings. Winning.

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Accountancy & FinanceBanking & FSConsultancy & AdvisoryEngineering & ManufacturingRetail & FMCGTrades & Services

Rethink setting up on your own

What grinds recruiter's gears more than candidate drop outs? Admin. And the admin that comes with setting up your own business is enough to put the most determined recruiter off it. Peter Hobson worked in recruitment for 10 years before setting up his own Supply Chain recruitment business as a 1 man band. And what did he find? A never ending to do list of admin and stress. Sleepless nights over systems, advertising, accounts, legal. Where to start, who to use, what to do!?! After successfully launching his own business, Tom Samuel Recruitment, he decided to help other recruitment entrepreneurs do the same. Welcome to The Independent Recruiter Hub.

Christmas party get together!

Pick me! Pick me!

Liking what you read? All you need to become a member is: • Demonstrable ability to succeed in recruitment... well duh • Enjoy and ready to work independently • Honesty and integrity – we need to trust each other for this to work • Desire to work for yourself whilst being part of The Hub team. Wanting to help and share information with like-minded individuals will go along way • Laptop, phone line, internet connection and somewhere to work - saying this we do have a Regus Membership so plenty of office spaces to pick from

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The Big Twelve12

To earn £100,000/year as a member of The Independent Recruiter Hub, you need to bill an average of £12,000 a month. We call it doing “The Big Twelve12”. Minimum monthly targets in most recruitment businesses are at this level but they will not pay you £100,000 to do it! Here is the best bit. Once you have done the Big Twelve12 (or £144,000 in the calendar year), YOU WILL RECEIVE 100% OF THE REVENUE for the remainder of the year. Check out the table below to see what you could be earning👇👇👇

The nitty gritty

The Independent Recruiter Hub is the entrepreneur's toolkit filled with a support network for experienced recruiters to set up their own business. Meaning you can focus purely on sales. We've taken away the pain typically associated with running your own business and removed the barriers stopping you from setting up on your own. 1. Website design, logo design and business cards provided 2. Bullhorn CRM with access to shared candidates across The IRH 3. 10 job adverts per month across leading job boards with access to CV databases 4. Monthly Accounting Service (including VAT, corporation tax, PAYE, personal tax, invoicing and credit control) 5. Access to legal support 6. Access to finance and online timesheet system for temp workers 7. Customisable templates for all documents you need (policies, terms of business, emails etc.) 8. Holiday cover allowing you that much needed time away 9. Endless support, guidance... and pub pal for those more difficult days! 10. The Big Twelve...

Earn as much as you like... No really. I'm serious

Average revenue for recruiters in the UK (according to the REC) is £97,000 per annum per consultant. Average salary for a UK recruiter is £27,820. If you billed £97,000 as a member of The Independent Recruiter Hub, you would earn £68,000. Our members often earn far in excess of this. The Independent Recruiter Hub is a great solution for both top billers and those only able to commit to part time hours (parents, people with busy lifestyles outside of work etc.). For top billers, the sky is the limit. For our part time members, the minimum requirement is £60,000 revenue per annum.

There's no 'I' in team...

But I suppose there is in Independent Recruiter Hub Despite the fact we're running our own businesses we're very much still a community. If you don't like sharing then we might not be for you. We revolve around the Spirt of the Hub. We all share information, candidates, clients, collaborating as one team despite the fact we're separate business. We have a quarterly get togethers where we attend training and community events... and the pub. Remember we take no shares or equity from your business. All that happens is your end clients pay us then, we pay you 70% of your billings... once you've billed £144k, you'll see 100% of your earnings.

Been there done that. Take it from Gareth

"It was a daunting decision to set up and go it alone but ‘The Hub’ was really supportive at each stage of my decision making. Since starting, I have not looked back. I have found that the ongoing support from ‘The Hub’ has enabled me to start billing quickly, realising my first fee within 2 months of trading. The investment from ‘The Hub’ in the tools and tech to do the job is second to none, and what has been especially great is their willingness to listen to your ideas, take onboard feedback, and implement changes. I have most definitely rediscovered my passion for recruitment, and found that a good strategy allows you to work more flexibly than most of the big recruitment brands would have you believe – in terms of processes, KPI’s, and hours at your desk – whilst earning significantly more of the fees that you work hard to generate. I couldn’t recommend The Independent Recruiter Hub highly enough."

Endless list of advantages... well 10

1. Take home a larger % of your billings than you would as an employed recruiter 2. No 9 to 5 or even worse, 8 to 8 here. Work as many hours as you see fit to earn the salary you want 3. If you prefer, work long hours to earn even more money knowing 70% of it will go into your pocket rather than someone else’s 4. Selling point to your customers – you offer the service of an independent recruiter with the network of a larger business 5. Set your own KPIs or do away with them 6. No need to ask permission for doctors appointments, to see your kids nativity play, or attend their sports day 7. You have the freedom to have a good work - life balance 8. No more commuting and spending hours sitting in traffic morning and night 9. Collaboration with other Hub Members 10. "No more earning a mere 10-25% of billings. I walk away with 70% of my billings, which makes a significant financial difference to my lifestyle (Toni Brown - The Sports Network)

Fancy a free £25k?

It's about who you know, not what you know. Well actually it's a big of both. All members of The IRH are eligible for our referral scheme. Refer ex-colleagues, friends, family, pets to us, and you're entitled to 5% of their turnover for as long as you're both members. There is no limit on how many members you can introduce. As an example: * Average consultant bills £100k/year. * Average referral fees are £5k per annum per referral. * Introduce 5 people and that's an additional £25k every year... * Introduce 20 people and it is £100k per year * In addition to your own billings! All you need to do to get this bonus is make the introduction. Providing you and the person you refer remain members, you will receive this bonus every year.

The Independent Recruiter Hub

Key Info

Industry Recruitment/Search
Headquarters Manchester
Company Size < 10

Recruitment Sectors
Accountancy & Finance Banking & FS Consultancy & Advisory Engineering & Manufacturing Retail & FMCG Trades & Services


  • 100% Remote
  • Back Office Support
  • Birthday Off
  • Closed Xmas & New Year
  • Dress Down
  • Escape The City
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • KPI Free
  • Micro Brands
  • Startup
  • Unlimited Holidays
  • Visible Commission Structure

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