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A new breed of recruitment agency is here. One that offers you the freedom to live your best life, while having a lucrative career in Marketing, Digital and Communications Recruitment. Stealing all the best bits of larger firms such as an established network but the personal touch and higher earning potential of smaller agencies. With no threshold and taking home 20% of everything you bill, you can start enjoying recruitment again with Rosslyn David.

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It all started with Whatsapp...

Bobby and Adam have built a small but perfectly formed Digital, Marketing and Communications agency. What started from a Whatsapp message quickly grew in to Rosslyn David. We've built a business eliminating frustrations larger corporate environments breed. Like dreaded metrics aka KPIs, 12 hour days, working weekends, using holiday to go to the dentist. Rosslyn David have built a work environment around your life. Not the other way round. We're dedicated to... 1. Your career goals and life goals 2. Moving with market trends so your earning potential never flops 3. Letting your life flow without work standing in the way Plus working in the awesome space that is Marketing, Digital and Communications you'll love the candidates and clients we partner with.

We don't faff around when it comes to commission. NO THRESHOLD 20% ON EVERYTHING. Bish. Bash. Bosh.


Bobby has developed and run a very successful engineering communications company for nearly 10 years. The reason Bobby wanted to get into the industry was down to his experience as a client, working with recruiters. He’s been involved with recruiters when adding to his own company, so what better experience to use?


Adam has recruited purely within marketing for nearly 4 years now… and he loves it! Whether it’s getting under the skin of a candidate who is unsure about their next move, or pulling apart a job specification to help a client build their team, you’ll struggle to find someone more passionate about their craft.

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Working with fabulous

We work with incredible clients like F1 Team Redbull , Frontier and Tech Data (a £30 trillion tech distributor). Placing the below talent... Account Manager - £35k PR & Content Manager - £35k Content Author - £38k Senior Product Marketing Manger - £55k Senior Social Media Manager £50k B2B Graphic Designer £30k

Yas to freedom!

*No KPIs - is this even a perk anymore?!? * Work the way you want to work - want us to set your activity goals? Sure! Want us to leave you in peace. No problem. *Lunch out any time anyone makes a placement - say goodbye to meal prep. *Got Doctors, school run, dentist, IKEA delivery? No problem. You do you. WFH when you need. * Glide Time - need a sleep in? Start two hours late. *Influence the direction of the business - want to change a process? Budget for a new job board? Go for it. *Oscar the office dog - named at birth for the alliteration *No threshold 20% comms - why shouldn't you earn a bit of everything you bill?

All the stuff that annoys recruiters and gets in their way just doesn’t exist here so I can just be a recruiter, which is what I’ve always looked for.

Donna knows...

This is the most fun I’ve had in recruitment. Ever. This is my 22nd year as a recruiter but no recruitment business is as well thought out as this one. I genuinely run my own desk with no KPIs, no interference, complete freedom, come and go as I please, get taken out for lunch more often that my diet allows, have all the latest tech, get asked my opinion because it’s valued, don’t get treated like an old dear (I’m 57), have an office dog to walk if clients and candidates get too much and have the best commission scheme I’ve ever seen.

You do you 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️

Gone are the days of branded, out of date infographics outlining billings to become Senior or Team Lead. No no no. We work much more personally with every goal perfectly fitted to you. Tell us you career trajectory and we'll map out milestones to get you there. From personal goals like "I need to have x salary in this time frame for a mortgage approval next year." Or career focused goals such as "I want to have two direct reports in 18 months." Up to you! P.S. we can make a snazzy infographic with it on if you really want.

Oscar the office dog

Always on brand


Donna is an expert in marketing recruitment. With over 20 years in recruitment as a whole, she has seen and heard pretty much everything you can think of.

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