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Ever thought of starting your own recruitment business? Great idea at first but what about the back-office stuff you've never done? Whether you have big plans to do recruitment in a different way or want to take home a larger cut of billings or, you are simply tired of the constraints of running a business within another business' parameters, going it alone is risky business. Hilton Lord are recruitment industry experts who can provide the investment and ongoing support to set-up your business so it can be a success right from the start. You will be the majority shareholder so you're always in full control of your agency and you're free to focus on what you do best - recruiting!

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If you’re an experienced recruiter, billing pretty consistently, there’s a very good chance you’ve considered starting your own company. You’re working long hours, following daft rules, and getting frustrated by archaic KPIs, all the while watching most of what you bill drop into someone else’s pocket. Let us help you do it. Really do it. Not just work self-employed for someone else's brand. But build your own company. We help people start recruitment businesses. And we’re bloody good at it.

75%. You're the majority shareholder and only director in the business. All the decisions are yours. And most of the money.

We look after all the business-y bits, so that you can concentrate on recruitment: - Branding - Website - Email - Laptop - Recruitment Software - Job Boards (all the major ones) - Accountancy & Payroll (invoicing, credit-control, VAT, PAYE, etc) - Contractor Funding - Legal Support (Terms, Contracts, Advice) - Business Cards - Ongoing Accounting, Technical and Operational advice & support

Let us invest in you. We never ask our partners to invest cash into the business we start together. All the tools you need to be successful are part of our standard investment. For particularly strong recruiters, we'll also invest cash to pay you a base salary whilst you build your agency, completely removing the ‘What if I run out of money and starve to death?’ barrier.

- Autonomy (Do it your way - lose the counter-productive KPIs, set by a non-billing manager with a Range Rover Sport) - Flexibility (Take your kids to school, or make sure you don't miss sports day. Finish at 4:00pm, then make a few evening calls when you can be more effective) - Enjoyment & Excitement (Completely lose that Sunday night feeling. Love going to work!) - Money. (A LOT more money. There's a big gap in earnings between even very successful employed consultants, and successful business owners!)

We back experienced agency recruiters (both perm and temp/contract) You'll need a minimum of 4 years' recruitment experience, with a consistent billing track record, and current experience of the sector in which you'd like your business to operate. Our partner businesses operate across a wide range of markets: IT, Education, Healthcare, Law, Office Support, Engineering, Finance, etc. If you're billing upwards of £150K per year, give us a nudge. We'll be happy to tell you more, without any pressure to make the leap!

1. An initial chat. Then another one. Then a meeting. 2. You hand in your notice and we register a company (you own 75% of it). 3. We put everything in place (logo, website, email, software, job boards, terms, accounts, payroll, etc, etc). 4. You carry on doing the same thing you were doing a month ago. But for yourself. And with our help. 5. Instead of keeping £65K of your £200K billings, you keep £150K.