Onsite Talent Partner at HIDDEN

£25,000 - £40,000

Annual Basic Salary
London, UK
In-House Recruitment

Cannes Lions Party

Onsite Talent Partner

You'll be working closely with the Hidden Tribe to find diverse talent for your Client. And you'll have an input on internal hiring strategy and become a true extension of their growth strategy. We've developed our own CRM and own digital platform to aid an unbiased hiring process. Understanding when a subscription up sell is required plus introducing broader talent initiatives to engage your client with our Partners.

It's Time for Change

We're different. We're human. We're technology. We're internal. We're onsite. We're innovative. We're creative. We're inclusive. We're parents. We're collaborative. We're new. We're here. We're Hidden. We're hiring. You're bored. You're unique. You're smart. You're strategic. You're inquisitive. You're unappreciated. You're creative. You're mindful. You're proven. You're a team player. You're interested. You're just who we want to speak to. We want the way that recruitment works in the creative, digital and tech talent market to change. And we're on the look out for an Onsite Talent Partner to help us get there...


Hidden are changing recruitment. We've built a platform that will rid bias within hiring processes for the Tech and Creative industry. We've built our own SaaS platform that blends technology and the human touch to create the ultimate hiring platform. The model is predominantly on-site based working with leading tech and creative companies ranging from smaller agencies like Vayner Media to large networks like Wunderman and McCann. You become the influence to their growth strategy, partnering with hiring managers and internal recruitment teams, attending industry events, and working on improving diversity, excluding bias, and implementing change in mindsets of those involved in the recruitment process.

Goodbye Agency. Hello HIDDEN.

A quarterly subscription. No commission, no targets. Unlimited hires.

Onsite with RS Components