Senior Talent Advocate at Hunted

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£28,000 - £45,000

Annual Basic Salary
London, UK

What Hunted Says

Hunted is shaking things up in rec2rec. We're THE career destination for recruitment professionals and we're growing fast. Launched in 2016, we're a tech startup based just off Chancery Lane and we're hiring across multiple teams.

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This is a fast-paced, target-driven role in a startup environment. Your goal is to attract the world’s top recruitment talent onto Hunted, and support them through the process of landing their next big career move. You'll be an expert on recruitment careers and will be well informed about the partners on Hunted. You’ll be able to work with our Marketing team to attract new users onto Hunted. You’ll be able to help design feature updates to the Product and Tech teams and work with them to constantly improve the product and user experience. You can help create plans with our Content team, tailoring diverse and useful content to all our users. You’ll be able to interact with Hunted's client base to keep up to date with our partners and advise them on any trends you’re seeing on the talent side. This is a truly strategic, diverse role that will enable you to draw on many skills. It's safe to say you'll never get bored working at Hunted.

A different kind of recruitment role

You'll be an early hire in a fast growing talent advocacy team. The role is similar to that of a recruiter in many ways but with some unique differences and tools that offer great advantages to help boost your productivity and results. There will be fantastic opportunity for progression. There will be clearly defined targets that will trigger promotions. Whether you have aspirations to manage a team, relocate overseas or simply maximise your earnings, a career at Hunted will offer unlimited opportunity. We will provide you with some amazing tools to help you be more productive than ever before and we will invest in you to set you up for success with training, a great reward structure and a really enjoyable working environment.

You're building a community

The recruitment-to-recruitment sector is very talent-short which places emphasis on ensuring the talent on our platform have an amazing experience. Whether they are actively seeking a new role or a passive job seeker, you'll be their career companion going the extra mile to help them make the most of their careers. You'll be involved in running events and will be responsible for staying in touch with all the recruiters who have signed up on our platform. By keeping in regular contact with our community you'll stay informed of the latest news and trends and be a great source of information to help benchmark the roles and offer insights.

About you

We're no ordinary recruitment company and we look for extraordinary people to join our team. Working in a startup is challenging yet rewarding. Every day is different and there is a lot of opportunity to contribute to the team and the overall success of the company. A career in recruitment is a good foundation for joining our team. Many of the skills you'll have possessed to succeed in recruitment will serve you well working as a Talent Advocate: you'll be a great networker, have excellent attention to detail, be resilient and hard-working, you'll be able to balance multiple tasks and prioritise effectively. In addition, to succeed at Hunted, you'll be very resourceful, a creative thinker and have an interest in technology. We're looking for people who are not afraid to speak out or make suggestions if they think we can do thinks differently and are always wanting to learn and improve.

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