Principal Consultant - Sales & Marketing at Usurpo

£35,000 - £45,000

Annual Basic Salary
Reading, UK
< 10
Agency Recruitment

What Hunted Says

Ever wondered what would happen if a group of directors valued the work/life balance of their staff as much as their own? Usurpo work on tech based projects globally. Everyone (including leadership) gets to the office around 9:30 and tends to hit the road (or the gym) around 4:30. You'll be given all the tools you could ever want including LinkedIn Recruiter, job boards access, and a brand new CRM that was intentionally chosen to keep admin to a minimum.

Desk Focus

Permanent Roles


HR & RecruitmentMarketingSales

Environment and working hours

We value collaboration, good communication and with a desire to develop, improve and to become the best you can be. We hire adults and will certainly treat you as one! We offer a vibrant and relaxed culture with humane working hours (typically 09:30-4:30PM).

What we're looking for..

We're looking for an experienced recruiter to set up either Sales & Marketing or HR Desk here at Usurpo. You'll have a number of years experience in either high end contingency or retained search within your field, understand how to develop new business, manage complex recruitment process and build a practice. We would very much envisage you growing this business unit and have a structure in place for you to progress to Managing Consultant and hire your team. If the above chimes with your experience then we'd love to have a conversation to find out more about you. Let's talk!

Reading "break out" area..

Engagement Model

In the Reading office we have consultants who work a variety of models with their clients. Contingency, Retained, Contract, Managed and our new "Talent as a Service" offering are all available. We offer Consultants the flexibility to engage with clients as they feel best to support their Business.

Usurpo Commission structure...

£0 - £4,999 = Threshold (reset every month) £5,000 - £9,999 = 10% of billings (for example £9k billings = £900) £10,000 - £14,999 = 15% of billings (for example £12k billings = £1,800) £15,000 - £24,999 = 20% of billings (for example £17k billings = £3,400) £25,000+ = 40% of billings

There's More..

We value feedback from our team and constantly aim to create a place where you can be your best and be happy. We offer.. • Aggressive commission plan where you earn the money you deserve. • Quarterly incentives where you can spend vacation money with your loved ones or friends. Flexible and 'humane' working hours (09:30-4:30). • Gym membership (with time to work out). • Relaxed dress code. • Full Linked-In Recruiter Pro license. • State of the art SaaS technology. • Pension Most importantly - a super-awesome bunch of guys and girls to work with as colleagues and friends.

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