Senior Technology Recruiter at GQR Global Markets

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£27,000 - £50,000

Annual Basic Salary
London, UK
Agency Recruitment

The Role!

We are seeking an Experienced Technology Recruiter to join our high performing tech team. Due to our collaborative model you wont have to worry about hitting the ground running in your first few months since you will be able to leverage and utilize our our cross industry technology network globally. The individual will work within a warm existing client base to expand digital offering and put this team on the map!

How we work?

* Strong billing environment, we have brought in several £150k billers who have subsequently become £500k billers within their first year. *Collaboration between Perm and Contract teams as well as utilizing our cross industry STEM network: Banking & Finance, Technology, Life Sciences and Energy/ Engineering. We promote “splits” and collaborating together to ensure everyone benefits from the success. We do not have a KPI driven environment instead we are structured and held accountable for our day to day productivity to make sure we are hitting not just our business goals but our personal goals. We are confident you will find our platform compelling, your exposure in this firm including our training will have you doubling your billing figures in no time. We put a lot of trust into our consultants, we have high expectations, but we want also want you to have the best time doing this!

We Offer:

> Tailored training and development for Senior consultants and aspiring leaders/ team managers. Industry leading experts will train you on your market knowledge- especially if you are transitioning in to an unfamiliar area or a different geographic > Self-development and improvement is CRUCIAL. We want you to master something at GQR, not just in terms of billing but in terms of expertise. We want you to be the "Go To" in your market. >Tailored competitive base salaries + high commission rates & Leadership comp > Career progression & tailored support to get there, including international relocation to one of our Global offices. > Automatic Basic Pay increases related to your performance milestones > With regards to your package, we can be very flexible. This is all dependent on the individual, your exposure & experience + track record.