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About us

Orbis is an international recruitment ageny working with brands that are passionate about tech, diveristy, community and change. 

Our vision is to be the premier source for identifying and connecting excellence within the tech sector.

Our team specialises in Engineering, Product and Design, Cyber Security, Cloud, DevOps, Data Science and Machine Learning. 

We've hired some incredible talent since starting the business in London in 2013. We have since opened NYC in 2017, Nashville in 2020, Amsterdam, Miami and Austin in 2021, our Candidate Hub in Glasgow in 2022 and our newest addition in LA in 2022 with more to be announced soon. 

We support all of our consultants with their personal brands to become thought leaders and true experts within their markets. We have an unlimited events budget, a flexible working structure, dressed down vibe, tonnes of cool benefits and incentive abroad trips too!

Recruitment focus

  • Banking & FS
  • Creative & Design
  • Digital & Media
  • Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Technical

Perks and culture

  • Learning & Development

  • Management Style

  • Financial Benefits

  • Inclusion & Diversity

  • Office Environment

  • Flexible Working

  • Socials and Incentives

  • Time Off

  • Health & Wellness

  • Relocation

  • Business Support

  • Friday Vibes

  • Commuter Benefits

  • Mental Health Support

Learning & Development

We have a structured onboarding program and clear entry-level training support for junior members of the team. We also host regular company-wide workshops to discuss our latest challenges.

  • Lunch & Learns

  • Structured Entry-Level Training

    We have an interactive introduction to the business and contact with the team. We tailor our support to each individual, ensuring you have additional time and support with specific areas beneficial to you.

  • External Expert Training

    We work with reputable external trainers to coach our leadership team and offer our wider team training workshops.

  • Clear Progression Plan

    You will receive regular reviews of your progression plan. We want to ensure everyone can bring their best selves to work and to support that, we enable our team to work towards their goals effectively.

  • Personal Development Budget

    We have an unlimited learning development budget, enhancing our team with their particular interests.

  • Dedicated L&D Team

  • Mentorship Program

  • L&D Team Headcount

Our people

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Managing Director

Having relocated to set up our first US office in New York, Alex now oversees our operations and partnerships across the US, from NYC to Nashville, Miami to Austin. He enjoys travelling and working across the states with his family and dog, Snoop.

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In today's edition of People behind the brand, the series where you get to know the Orbis team, we’re catching up with Senior Manager for Cyber Security, based in the US, Bradley Boughton.

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Home to beautiful weather, technological innovation, and famous sights like Hollywood Boulevard and Disneyland, the City of Angels is the place to be. 

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#weareorbis #weareorbiscareers #connectingexcellence #connectingtalent #connectingcommunities #connectingtech #people #teamMonday is a state of mind. ☕

Put on your positive pants and get stuff done. 

We wish you a positive day and a productive week ahead ⭐

#weareorbis #weareorbiscareers #connectingexcellence #connectingtalent #connectingcommunities #connectingtech #mondaymotivation #positivityToday we're catching up with US Managing Director Alex Stone, who's recently moved to California to start Orbis' newest office in LA.

Alex is quite the traveler—he's been with Orbis since the start, and made the move over to New York six years ago. Now he's on to new horizons (and new markets) on America's west coast!

We chatted about his leadership style, advice for his younger self, and the transition from starting Orbis in the UK to navigating the US Market thus far.

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Would you like to #makethemove?

In today's blog, we talk about 5 tech hubs across America that are attractive for their tech scene and local culture. Read the link in our bio to learn more and find your perfect fit! 👆 

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Our Offices

  • From spaces that prioritise health and safety to terms with unmatched flexibility, WeWork is reimagining the workplace. Employees need a place to focus while having the freedom to work where and how they want. At WeWork, they've reimagined the office so you can move forward with confidence. That’s how tomorrow works. We have access to onsite showers and fully equipped kitchens, with unlimited supplies of coffee and teas, beer and prosecco. On top of that they're dog friendly! :)
    WeWork Monument, 51 Eastcheap, Billingsgate London, EC3M 1JP
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The team take part in quarterly charity sport events (London to Brighton cycle race, marathons, Three Peaks hike...) We also support other charity initiatives such as Movember.