HR brand leader, with Equity at Monarch Recruitment

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£40,000 - £50,000

Annual Basic Salary
Birmingham, UK
Agency Recruitment

What Hunted Says

Birmingham and London based Monarch Group consists of three brands; Monarch IT, Monarch Digital and Monarch Engineering. Monarch understand that everyone has their own strengths to play off meaning you can choose from being 360, BD Specialist, Account Development Consultant or a Delivery Consultant. With your achievements being rewarded with time off, champagne, bonuses and company wide trips away, this is the perfect place for recruiters looking to be appreciated for the effort and time they put in to their work.

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HR & Recruitment

Introducing Monarch HR

Following the success of our latest group addition, Monarch Engineering, the Monarch Group is looking to launch Monarch HR - a new arm of our business, specialising in the placement of HR professionals. We are excited to invest in a new brand and believe that this is a fantastic opportunity for a HR recruitment professional to be a key player in launching a start-up business; that has the financial security, backing and support of an established and successful recruitment consultancy. You will influence and lead the launch of Monarch HR; from creating the business strategy and new hires, to a new website platform and marketing material. We are proud of our client and account successes achieved from cross-brand collaboration so far and are confident of the future successes we could achieve when we introduce Monarch HR.

Our Offering

We are looking for a current billing team leader/manager who is truly excited about the opportunity to develop and lead their own brand and receive the equity, recognition and rewards for their hard work. In addition to being a brand leader, you will also join the board of directors for the Monarch Group, where your ideas and feedback will play an invaluable part to the future success of the group.