360 IT Recruitment Consultant at Monarch Recruitment

£20,000 - £35,000

Annual Basic Salary
Birmingham, UK
Agency Recruitment

360 IT Recruitment Consultant

We firmly believe that the reason for our success over the past 25 years is in our ability to train and develop successful, 360 recruitment specialists - we don't believe there are any companies better than us in Birmingham at getting the 360 model right! Our 360 team is our most experienced, who on average have 10+ years of working within Monarch. You don't need to be in a 360 role at present (we have experience of turning 180 consultants in to 360 consultants) nor do you need years of experience - but you do need to have the energy, drive and enthusiasm to carry out the end to end recruitment cycle. Our growth aspirations for the team are steady and well thought out - we are looking to make hires in to strategically important markets, where already have had key successes and have a story to tell to potential new clients.