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What Hunted Says

WE UNDERSTAND YOU. We know that recruitment companies don’t work for expert recruiters. You’re an exceptional recruiter and you work really hard, but you keep less than half of what you bill.  You also have a lot of unnecessary stress: You’re not free to do what you know best  Your time is absorbed by meetings, commuting, training juniors, managing or being managedBack office just doesn’t work how it should We’re here to fix this.  Are you ready to take control of your career, earnings and future?

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Our reason for being is simple; Freedom

We understand you

We know that recruitment companies don’t work for expert recruiters but there’s no option that just allows you to just focus on what you love.

So we’ve built something revolutionary that gives you all the benefits of running your own business with none of the headaches!

Be your own boss in our community of independent expert recruiters with all back office and compliance done for you by our award-winning team

Key elements;
- You’re in control
- Keep 70% of what you bill
- Back office & systems sorted
- Flexible working – work wherever, whenever you want
- Be part of a community
- Equity available
- Up and running in a week

Keep 70% of what you bill!

You will take the lion’s share of what you generate as we don’t spend money on management, offices, juniors or anything you don’t need. This means you keep 70% of what you bill. For a £200k p.a. biller that's £140k p.a. Let that sink in.

Business equity / options

Clear growth and exit plan. Members have the opportunity to buy equity during the fundraising rounds every 18 months as we scale. Idea is to do full or partial sale in 5 years to allow members to access that big capital lump sum that they all want.

Back office support

Don’t worry about your back office and compliance. It’s all done for you through our partnership with The Hive. We can get you up and running in a week with access to all the systems that you have come to expect from an award winning solution.