Community Builder at District4

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£23,000 - £35,000

Annual Basic Salary
London, UK
Agency Recruitment

What Hunted Says

District4 are a true recruitment start-up. We're talking full autonomy, fully owning your business, top of the range laptops, mobiles, Sonos' and Slack. They are invested and supported by an overarching brand offering operational support that start-ups otherwise wouldn't have (plus all of their benefits!). Operating in Tech, DevOps, Development, Data Science, they truly mirror their clients in set up.

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Hunger Games or niche Sci-fi blockbuster?!

The first question we hear about District4 is usually:"Have you seen the Hunger Games?" or "Are you named after that sci-fi film with South African accents?". Sadly, it's neither... But there is a reason for a slightly strange name: District4 put a different spin on traditional recruitment methods and have developed our own concept. Completely centred on engineer-led recruitment, shifting toward transparency, open communication, and collaboration unlike the majority of our industry. We're a team of like-minded individuals focused on building communities of talent throughout the Northern Hemisphere to empower the continued growth of the digital economy. Currently focused on London, Berlin and New York.

We aren't traditional!

This isn't a traditional recruitment role as this isn't a traditional recruitment business. We're pioneering a new community lead talent solution and you will be focused on building a real community in your chosen specialism. Running events, networking, coffees and of course finding top talent will be the norm. We don't believe in KPI's or micro-management. Hitting imaginary targets created 10 years ago isn't the way to measure success in 2018. We live and work with two words in mind - autonomy and accountability. We believe above all else that when offered the right environment, platform and blueprint recruiters of all levels of experience can and will succeed.

Experience or no experience?

Ideally, you will have had an introduction to recruitment already and are passionate about candidate sourcing, headhunting and building amazing talent communities in a niche, rapid growth District (DevOps, Development, Design or Data). Don't panic if you don't have recruitment experience, we're also open to applications without recruitment experience, whether it be from seasoned sales professionals, graduates looking for their first step on the career path or just about anything else. We don't hire on experience alone, we hire on attitude, commitment and accountability. If you have the right attributes we'll offer you the platform to succeed. Our interview process is designed for you to learn as much about us as we do about you. You'll spend time with both our Co-Founders (Kyle and James) alongside presenting how you think community lead recruitment could work.

Some of the D4 team at DevOpsDays London 2018.