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District4 are a true recruitment start-up. We're talking full autonomy, fully owning your business, top of the range laptops, mobiles, Sonos' and Slack. They are invested and supported by an overarching brand offering operational support that start-ups otherwise wouldn't have (plus all of their benefits!). Operating in Tech, DevOps, Development, Data Science, they truly mirror their clients in set up.

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Hunger Games or niche Sci-fi blockbuster?! The first question we hear about District4 is usually:"Have you seen the Hunger Games?" or "Are you named after that sci-fi film with South African accents?". Sadly, it's neither... But there is a reason for a slightly strange name: District4 put a different spin on traditional recruitment methods and have developed our own concept. Completely centred on engineer-led recruitment, shifting toward transparency, open communication, and collaboration unlike the majority of our industry. We're a team of like-minded individuals focused on building communities of talent throughout the Northern Hemisphere to empower the continued growth of the digital economy. Currently focused on London, Berlin and New York. The Districts we work across are: - DevOps - Development - Design

Naomi Easson - Director

Naomi has been building global communities of design thinkers by working with innovative and new thinking businesses. She is the London Lead for UX for Change which helps solve charity design problems in evening workshops with her community of designers.🚀

Pleo - Expenses without the expense.

Pleo - Expenses without the expense!

Coffees, lunches, maybe even the occasional beer with the community can be costly! To make life easier for the team we have company cards at hand, supplied by Pleo... No more panicking about your expenses at the end of each month!!

Dakota - Our full time office dog🐶

Technology for everyone!

Every team member from day one receives all the tools needed to achieve exceptional results including: - Top spec laptop - Stickers optional :-) - Dual screen setup when you're in the office - Fuze - Learning Portal - Sonos's everywhere Seen an app we don't use? You'll get to champion it. If it works we'll buy it, every time. If we don't have a piece of kit you need and its available on Amazon, you'll have it within 48 hours.

We can't be part of the community without being at the conferences... A snapshot of Josie and Kate at DevOpsDays London.

Some of the team at our Kotlin Collective event!

Standing desks...

New Starter Socials!

This is a great opportunity for new starters to come and meet the current staff as well as see the office space before their first day!

We aren't traditional!

Joining us isn't taking a traditional recruitment role as this isn't a traditional recruitment business. We're pioneering a new community led talent solution and you will be focused on building a real community in your chosen district. Running events, networking, coffees and of course finding top talent will be the norm not the extras.

Our monthly socials aren't competitive at all, honest.

Your space...

Laptops are compulsory, stickers optional...

Starting off as we mean to go on🏆

District4 FC

Whether you're mad about football or just want to have a kick about, District4 has a football team that offers this. ⚽


Key Info

Industry Recruitment/Search
Headquarters London
Company Size 11-20

Recruitment Sectors
Technical Technology


  • Early Friday Finish
  • Friday Drinks
  • Great L&D
  • Office Dog
  • Recruit to Music
  • Investment in Tech
  • KPI Free
  • Dress Down
  • Breakout Area
  • Micro Brands
  • Startup

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