7 Killer LinkedIn Secrets for Career Recruiters

As a recruiter, you probably spend a lot of your day using LinkedIn! It has its niggles, but us recruiters would definitely be ill equipped without it.

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn that you may not have thought about…

1) Own your own profile!

Your LinkedIn Account is essentially your own personal client and candidate database. There’s one bullet proof way to make sure that it belongs to you and not your employer, own your own profile! Whether you pay for a premium package or not, losing your LinkedIn profile if you move jobs is a real head-ache. Check the contract before you sign, and if your company policy is to pay for one, make another profile! It will benefit you in the long run.


2) Keep your connections hidden

Would you share your client list with your former colleagues or even your competitors? Of course not! Many recruiters are doing this via their LinkedIn accounts. Sure – your connections can see who you have in common, but why would you want to alert former colleagues or your competitors about who you are connecting with? Get over to your settings tab on LinkedIn and change this right now!


3) Share interesting and relevant blogs and news with your network… and follow up!

Finding interesting news and other blogs that relate to your industry sector has never been easier. Set up a “Google alert” and you’ll have tailor made articles that match criteria selected by you, delivered daily to your inbox. You can then take your pick as to what you chose to share with your network or even select specific people within your network to share the post with. Most importantly, make sure the article that you share includes a relevant (and professional) comment from yourself and then, make sure you follow up with anyone that “likes” or comments on your post. Engaged commenters are more likely to comment again if you reply, and share your articles with their network.


4) Don’t sell… No, really – DON’T SELL. 

The last thing that people want from their LinkedIn connections is to have a salesperson constantly flogging their wares on their LinkedIn news feed. This goes for both agency and in-house recruiters. Your news feed, posts and updates should include interesting and relevant news and information, not cheesy sales pitches for you and your employer.


5) Stay away from controversial topics and posts

You wouldn’t talk about your political preferences or religious beliefs in a client meeting or interview would you? (Please say no!). Resist the temptation to comment or share posts that are “off topic” or in other words, not work related. It’s not cool! “Liking” a highly topical post may seem harmless, however remeber it’s shaping how people think of you online.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 17.36.53

6) Have a go at publishing your own post

There may not be a writer inside all of us but there’s definitely a storyteller! LinkedIn has given all of us a chance to publish our own blog and at some stage, so we should all have a go at writing one. Brain storm your idea with the creative person in your office first and of course, make sure that your topic is relevant and professional.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 17.38.35

7) Connect with EVERYONE relevant that interacts with you with or that views your profile

The more connections you have, the more people will see your updates, and the wider your extended network becomes. (You should have known this one!). Connect with every single relevant client and candidate that you meet or speak to.


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