The ‘Secret Weapon’ Behind Netflix, Google DeepMind and Hopin

The biggest and best companies in the world all tend to have a secret weapon. Magical components of their makeup, which makes their launch into infamy all the easier.

For most, those secrets are kept close to their chest.

Maybe it’s the way they develop code? Or the 11 herbs and spices they season their chicken with? It could be a visionary Founder with a history of building corporate rocket ships.

But that only takes you so far

There comes a point when having an awe-inspiring Founder has its limits. When the coding strategy’s only ‘a nice start’.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re Netflix, DeepMind or the next biggest idea on the planet, without the ability to sustainably grow and hire the best people, you’ll struggle.

So what secret weapon have the companies above used, and why is it something you HAVE to know about?


Talentul is the secret weapon.

They’re a global talent consultancy driving the changing face of recruitment. And in doing so, they’re changing other industries too.

Like the Tech industry, in San Fran, Austin, Berlin and the UK.

How are they doing it, and why should you be paying attention?

Well for a start, they have an unbelievable record of success with a wide range of clients. So you could be watching Netflix this weekend, sitting there proud of your involvement.

Or attending a virtual event on Hopin, beaming with pride you sourced the team that made it.

In fact, Talentful have dramatically transformed businesses, from start-ups to enterprise, that were struggling to scale at pace before partnering.

And with that, has come huge success and crazy growth. They’re now over 140 people, and need to increase that by 40+ very soon.

How do they do it?

Talentful are an embedded, onsite solution, and so can work with their clients in totally new ways. That in turn, allows them to scale their clients faster and more efficiently.

By being on site, you’re a partner. 

You may share a desk with the CEO. You become a total expert on talent, sitting next to someone who’s desperate for that knowledge. 

There are no BD days. 

No hassling receptionists to try and catch people out of meetings. 

Just focused talent strategy, with one aim: grow this great business. Make your mark. Stamp your name in the history book of a whole industry.

A whole industry?

Well, yeah. Pretty much. 

Talentful have worked with Netflix, AXA, TransferWise, Hubspot, WeWork, King, ShareNow, Hopin, DeepMind and Thought Machine amongst many others. 

Even since the first lockdown in March, Talentful have expanded their reach and have onboarded 42 new global partners, including Hopin and Kolibri Games.

Imagine being enthralled in Netflix this weekend, knowing you had a part in making the platform work. Or, Google. Or Depop. 

Imagine hearing about the meteoric rise of a new Tech company, one that’s taking the world by storm, and how proud you’d be if you’d sourced 80% of their workforce. 

What does that mean for me?

Well, as mentioned, they’re hiring. 

In fact, they’re hiring a lot. In Austin, Boston, San Fran, Berlin, and London. They’re looking for ambitious talent partners, just like you, who long for a career that makes a difference. 

Of course that’s not all. 

Being embedded within a game-changing business three days a week is more strategic. Often in the CEO’s office, making decisions with them, not in spite of them. 

That means there’s more resting on your activity. You matter more, and because of that, so does your work.

And with over 140 talent colleagues; all bright, experienced, knowledgeable partners, you couldn’t be better placed to impact your own future.

What’s it like working on the front line of Tech?

Well for a start, you can kiss goodbye to internal, passive-aggressive emails every Monday morning. 

And realistically anything in your day which doesn’t help you achieve your end goal. 

You’re also much more likely to be using groundbreaking tech too, which makes life all the easier.

Where are the jobs?

Well, if you’re in San Fran, Boston or Austin, you’re in luck. These hotspots are going to be big areas of growth for Talentful. 

Europeans, London and Berlin are close to the front-runners.

Check out all of the jobs available on their Hunted profile here.