Productivity Hacks: The Remote Work Special

We’ve recently been working with companies that offer not just flexible working, but 100% remote working. This is an amazing time to be in recruitment. But you can run the risk of being cut adrift if the strength of your tech doesn’t match your talent.

Having the tools to do the job when you’re constantly on the go, or never in the office is even more critical.

This list of tech hacks is specially designed for you.

The remote roaming Recruiter.

You’ll sometimes find the Hunted team working remotely. That could mean with family in New Zealand, taking a day from home for the school run or getting some fresh(er) air in the cotswolds. Because of that, we use hacks and tools a lot…

We cut the Slack of our internal communication.

We Scan like Geniuses.

We’re avid Morning Readers.

And give ourselves as much Headspace as we need.

Occasionally, we’ll have a House Party if there’s a Spark.

Important documents are Dropped into a Box.

And we GoToMeetings with lots of Velocity.

But enough about us.

Here are some tools for you.  

Appear In

Video conferencing software.

Most recruitment companies all over the world will have either daily, weekly or monthly stand ups with their team. While it’s not a necessity to know what someone outside your immediate vicinity is up to, cohesion between your immediate team provides great assimilation. is the perfect tool for teams that need to stand up and be counted.

Even when working remotely. Appear in is different from other video conferencing in that you don’t need to download anything, you don’t need to register, you can use it on any device and lock your ‘room’ to keep everything private.

If you want to the office without physically being there, this is the tool for you.



A secure wifi tool.

Let’s say you’re out on the road. You get a call from your client who requests three contractors from you ‘quick sharp’. You ask the client where else they’ve gone and it’s just you and your competitor. You’ve got a 20 minute drive in any direction to get a 4G, or even GPRS signal.

These three placements aren’t going to be yours if you can’t send a CV for each one. If you’ve got Navia however, you needn’t worry again.

Completely secure wifi connections to help keep you safely online at the most critical moments in your working week.



Multi-room wifi tool.

Staying on the wifi theme, we have Plume. If you have more than one room in your house, which I assume you do, you’ll know how annoying it is to lose a connection just because you’ve changed room. Losing connection when you’re browsing your friend’s lunch menu on Instagram is fine.

But losing connection on a wifi call with your most important client isn’t.

Plume is not only directional to whatever room you’re in (even if that’s a shed) but it’s intelligent too. It knows how to handle different types of traffic. Plume will even track your movement and know that at 6pm (for example) the living room is busy. So it will require more strength.

The days of waiting for someone to finish on the phone so you can dialup are over.

With Plume, so will your battle for bandwidth. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 08.32.12


In-depth information app.

When you’re working remotely and plan your day around meetings it can be difficult to find time to prepare thoroughly. You’re much more likely to plan many of your meetings on the same day. Therefore having the ability to find out critical information at the drop of the hat could save you quite a bit of embarrassment.

Accompany does just this.

It will give you all of the information you require about ‘a company’ so you can dazzle with your response to the dreaded “so, what do you know about us?” question.

What else do they have on offer? Glad you asked… there’s a smart calendar, financials, quarterly reports, a customised newsfeed and smarter gmail plug-in.



Team and personal review app.

Whether you’re an individual working remotely 5 days a week, a Manager of a team that are never in the office on the same day or simply a self-employed Recruiter, 15Five could be the performance management tool you need. 

You’ll be fairly aware of deals that go through or not. But there’s more to your recruitment success than just deals. 15Five is so named due to how much time it takes to complete each stage. 15 minutes to complete the report. Five minutes to read.

Each week it’s likely you’ll have different goals in recruitment. Placements should be progressing, clients should be hiring, candidates should be moving forward or out of process. Using 15Five for a macro analysis each week could really help you to keep track of your job outside of that annoying and clunky CRM.

If you have any other tools you regularly use in your remote (or office based) recruitment job, we’re all ears.

Our regular feature highlighting the best tools will keep you up to date on the best productivity hacks in the market.


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