Productivity Hacks: Contract Consultant Special

Welcome back to Hunted Productivity Hacks, the best place for new technology, tools and life hacks to make your job easier. Whether you work on an interim, fixed term contract or traditional contracting desk, the way you work will be completely different to the permanent consultants in the office.

Even if you’re working a dual desk, when you get a contract role in, nine times out of ten it’s time sensitive.

The personality fit of your candidates is usually a secondary consideration to their skills. The way you’ll beat your competition is to have the best candidates first and foremost. But being first to market, and first to send those gems over will be a close second.

So, with that in mind, here are some hacks you can use to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders (Permies, you’ll be able to use these too). 

Microsoft To-DoMicrosoft To-Do

There’s not much Microsoft don’t do these days. They certainly have their fingers in a lot of pies. Not content with owning the online database you use for your searches, your office tools and a high percentage of worldwide operating systems, they’re now offering planning tools to streamline your day too. Planning your day in recruitment is an absolute necessity. And if you’re a Contract Consultant you’ll know that by and large you’re reactive a lot of the time.

No need to plan then right? Wrong. In fact, because you’ll spend a lot of time reacting to client’s wishes, the ‘other stuff’ like business development, network interaction, advertising, etc etc can often fall by the wayside.

To-Do is a day plan that will work across platforms meaning you remember to BD that piping hot client list and pick up dinner on the way home. To-Do will leave you saying “Ta-Da!”


Writefull Thesaurus

When you’re up against it for time, there are few things more time consuming than trying to write a witty, informative and attractive job ad. Which is probably why a lot of Consultants will depict opportunities as ‘fantastic’, companies as ‘industry leading’, and teams or Managers as ‘dynamic’. Most of them probably are, but there are more important things to be doing with your time than finding synonyms, right?

Well, this free tool from Writefull is exactly what you need to stand out. It’s an app you can use across any writing tool, from MS word to Gmail and on any OS. It gives feedback on your writing by checking your text against databases of correct language. You don’t need to be eloquent to be a Recruiter, but using this tool will help you to stand out.

Retain your rightful place as office wordsmith, with Writefull.


Dashmetrics IO

Depending on where you work, you’ll have a wide ranging amount of metrics to gauge how you’re working. There are undoubtedly some companies where phone stats are still projected in front of you in some bizarre attempt to inspire you to make more calls. As you mature in recruitment however it’s likely you’ll shy away from these more and more. Probably once you realise the office idiot behind you has made 120 calls a day for the last year and still billed nothing.

However, with the rise of the power of the personal brand, I’d bet your current employer has no measure angled to this end. This is where DashMetrics can assist. Your personal brand is as, if not more important than the brand you work for, so it’s about time you started getting data to see how it’s working out for you. With both LinkedIn and Twitter integrations there’s a lot of powerful data you’re currently missing that will make you money.

Metrics on your dash, that can make you cash. Aye Oooh.

Clarke AI

It’s incredibly important to make thorough notes on any system when you’re speaking with either candidates or clients. But, when you’re up against it for time it’s one of the most inconvenient tasks you have to do. Contract Consultants will love this tool, but equally, if you’re working on a permanent desk this will save you just as much time. is a tool that will log in to your computer and take notes on your conversation without you having to type them meticulously during or after the call. Not only will this save you time, but also free your hands up to throw stress balls at your colleagues. Or, if you’re going down the more professional route, simply enable you to do other things without the risk of losing track of the conversation.

Let Clarke be your clerk when you’re up against the clock. 



Staying on the theme of calls (because that’s presumably where most of your sales come from), this tool from VoiceOps is the next big thing in analytics to help you or your team be better at your job.

If you’re a junior Recruiter, chances are someone will be listening in to the odd call you make. Whether that’s by sitting next to you or covertly dialling in unannounced. The intention obviously, is to make comments so that next time you’re better equipped, and ultimately become an unstoppable salesperson.

Enter VoiceOps. Artificial intelligence that’s more intelligent than any Manager you could ask for. This awesome tool will identify winning behaviour on successful calls and help you to scale that behaviour across your team.

Great call!  

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