Ed Hunter: What I LOVE About the New LinkedIn

One of the most popular updates or comments on LinkedIn through the ages of the platform is someone stating that the professional networking site is “NOT FACEBOOK”. Well, after the recent sale to Microsoft, it seems they were listening and dutifully set about making it so.

Recruiters use LinkedIn quite a lot. For many, it will be the first thing they open in the morning along with their eyes, car door and smart mouths. Now, not everyone likes change. But I do. Especially when it’s got great reasoning behind it. Like increasing already sky-high revenue.

“Members first” is one of LinkedIn’s mottos apparently, so I’m sure they won’t mind me providing some feedback.

Here’s why I absolutely fell in love with the new format…

1. No Advanced Search

Looking for something on LinkedIn other than an argument? You’re going to need to ‘go nuclear’ now. Advanced Search is gone. My advice? Learn how to do an X-ray search on Google and use that. It will still search LinkedIn, it just won’t do it through the site’s incredible and intuitive new UX.

You can bet somewhere there’s an ‘old school Recruiter’ laughing raucously to himself flicking through a rolodex on a reclined leather office chair, telling everyone who will listen (his family) that he knew this day would come.

2. Reassuringly Expensive

As everyone knows, expensive items normally mean they’re well made. The ‘luxury industry’ has dined out on this for years. The issue is, the re-packaging of LinkedIn’s new website is about as revolutionary as a Mini Metro being rebadged as a Rover Metro.

Yes you’ll feel like you’re part of a club (because everyone’s in the same boat) but essentially you’re still driving a Metro.

3. Messaging feature is like Facebook

Anyone fearful that Millennials will soon take over the world and start forecasting deals in emojis better stay off the new LinkedIn. Changing it to look more like Facebook is clever, in a way.

It will mean Millennials’ global domination is ushered in with the speed and hushed whisper of a mobility cart on a supermarket ramp. That is until the next generation take over and Millennials are thrown onto the scrap heap with the other nonsense generation tags.

4. Clicking “Press Enter to send” Never Gets Annoying

Everyone loves repetition. Everyone. Loves. Repetition. But not as much as they love clicking enter on a paragraph to realise they’ve sent something that now makes no sense at all. The new messaging feature on LinkedIn feels like having a face to face conversation from the inside of a well.

Small sections of conversations make the cut. At least you can use emojis now though I guess. On the flip side of this, one thing I do love is new windows constantly opening for no reason. Will Microsoft ever stop with the self-promotion?

5. Comments Are Hard to Read

Following a discussion on LinkedIn? Not on their watch. Let’s face it, the more comments you read on LinkedIn, the more you’re not doing your job. Unless it’s something you know, relevant, which I guess is the reason for the thread in the first place.

6. Not Getting Notified of Notifications

Do you manage a company page on LinkedIn? I’m obviously a Recruiter by trade, but manage the Ed Hunter page on LinkedIn too. What’s great about the new website is I have no idea what’s going on without going and checking a completely different part of the site.

For this reason it’s pretty difficult to get into slanging matches with candidates, which I hate. I should also point out my veil of anonymity has been taken away, so I can’t respond to people any more. Another brilliant move.

Until they fix things, any hate (or love) mail, please do send on to [email protected]

7. Everyone Loves It

UX is (I’m told) fairly important to a website. Therefore it’s refreshing for a company to put so many changes on a new website all in one go that EVERYBODY loves. I’m joking of course, but actually because nobody in their right mind is happy with the new update, being a Recruiter feels like a weight’s been lifted.

We’re not the most hated thing on LinkedIn anymore. LinkedIn’s the most hated thing on LinkedIn. Result.

8. The First Line of a Status Makes Updates Like a Riddle

You’ll have noticed you now need to click ‘see more’ to find out what the hell someone’s on about. Which makes a nice little game of LinkedIn bingo possible. Have a read of the first line, then guess what the poster is talking about before clicking.

Top possibilities include: why I hate Recruiters, why I hate candidates, some sort of (not that hidden) bigotry, a political status, reasons people hate something else, like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn have answered the baying mob’s call for the heads of the Product team by mentioning Recruitment makes up only a fraction of the sectors on the website. That may be true, but now they’ve got rid of the industry tags it’s pretty hard to tell.

Also what they possibly don’t realise is, people outside of recruitment probably use the website for recruitment.

Anyway, well played LinkedIn. Not since the last time you kicked me off have I been this disappointed with the website. (Crying emoji).

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