Ed Hunter: My BD Day Diary

So in their infinite wisdom the powers that be decided that a special “BD Day” is what we needed to drive business.

Now, given I have been recruiting for so long and don’t mind a bit of BD, sometimes I feel like if you make it into a “DAY” – it somewhat loses its appeal. It makes BD shy consultants think they only have to do it on “BD Days”, and that can’t be a good thing.

To appease my discontent I decided to diarise my day for you.

(Names, events and facts have been altered)

8:00 -Walk into the office to find the 2 top billers from last quarter already at their desks working on their “hit-list” (knobs).

I say hello because the MD is there, and I have to be seen as a team player. My only wish is that one of them says “ready for BD day??” just to help my blog…

“Morning Ed” says Charlie (he’s the more bearable of the 2…) “Ready for BD day??” says John… total knob but at least he lived up to expectations.

8:30 – Everyone’s in now, except for the guy that makes most of his fees on candidate splits. Apparently he ‘isn’t well’.

“Surely we should just make him a resourcer and get rid of splits between consultants” – I think to myself.

8:45 – Samantha walks past and says Hello. God, she’s so fit.

8:55 – Here comes the team pep talk… The MD stands on a chair in the middle of the office. Deep down you know he is channeling his inner Jose Mourinho.

I quickly email my friend Carl – “£5 he ends it with a classic cliché”. “You’re on” he responds… Carl’s kinda new.

9:00 – “Ok guys – smile when you dial”… Well I may not be inspired, but I am definitely £5 richer.

9:30 – Jesus – I finally got through to someone.

Unfortunately, the receptionist has clocked that I’m a recruiter and put me through to an internal (well played). I open with my best line…. never fails to get a laugh….

Unfortunately, again, he doesn’t laugh. ‘This is going to be fun” he responds slowly.

9:35 – It didn’t take long but to be fair to the guy he said “$%@! off” in the nicest way possible, which is of course by saying “Send me your details to [email protected]

11:00 – It’s been a slow morning, but the day has taken a turn for the better. Two new clients with no internal team and a job a piece.. not bad! Shame the resourcing bloke is ill – he could’ve got straight on it.

11:45 – Five calls in a row and all the people I need are all on the phone… probably all on the same conference call warning each other that Ed Hunter is on a “BD Day”.

11:55 – The deal bell just rang (seriously does anyone else still have that?). It’s Charlie (of course) and just in time for the MD to stand up and give us the morning BD stats. I sneak out for lunch early, just before the MD starts to metaphorically fellate Charlie.

12:30 – So glad I have a Wasabi near the office! Might pop into Reed on the way back, pretend I’m a business grad with 4 languages and 3 years solid work experience with one business. Then do a runner while they fight over who gets to interview me.

13:00 – Half time is over. Jose’s finished his locker room chat and it’s back on the phones.

14:00 – I haven’t done too bad in the last hour – a few ongoing but not 100%, tight clients have come up with the goods…I’m gonna have so much resourcing to do tomorrow. Probably a good thing that most of my BD for BD day was done last week and all I have to do today is put them in the system.

14:30 – Whoops haven’t posted anything on Ed Hunter yet – recruiters will be getting grumpy. I bang out a quick meme… I make it about internal recruiters because they always bite!

14:35 – Two internals already bitten – haha. OK time to get back on the phone.

15:00 – Toilet break. Go for a sit down wee so I can get past level 63 on Candy Crush and stalk Samantha on Facebook. I close the page before I flush just incase I open my phone in front of anyone later.

16:00 – Just checked. I’m 3rd on the BD day stats, that’ll do nicely.

16:45 – Here comes Jose again for the final score, wonder if I’ll get an actual bronze medal..

16:50 – Didn’t get a medal – haven’t even had a mention yet, don’t know why I bother…oh yeah… commission.. that’s why I bother.

17:00 – It’s all over a day of BD has been done – To be fair I did get quite a few jobs for the pipeline… few meetings booked in not bad overall and the MD just said if we want we can leave early!

17:10 – Nobody has left yet. I realise when he said “you can leave early” what he meant was “whoever leaves first will have their P45 on their desk in the morning”. Ahh well, I’ll try and get some candidates on the phone that I missed earlier.

17:15 – James and I decide to have a bit of a laugh.. James goes outside and calls my desk phone… I pick it up and shout “Carl – it’s ****, (the name of a client he’s been trying for about 3 weeks), he’s calling you back…”

His face is priceless.

I put the call through… I can’t hear what’s happening but Carl’s trying his best until 4 minutes in when he says “$&%* off  James” —– Hilarity ensues.

17:30 – I’m off now I’m over it today and I know I’ll be staying late tomorrow – I think the fun of the prank and the pride of coming 3rd has helped me plucked up the courage to go by Samantha’s desk and see if she fancies a drink.

17:45 – I’m on the tube…. Alone

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